Frequently Asked Questions

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When I visit a Toll Brothers sales office, should I register my clients?

The Real Estate Agent Co-op Program Registration Form must be completed on the customer's first visit to a specific Toll Brothers community. Prior registration of the customer by a Toll Brothers sales representative at this community voids the possibility of the real estate agent's earning a commission. You must register your clients, the customers, in every Toll Brothers community they wish to visit.

How long does my client's registration last?

The registration of your client varies by region but the minimum is 30 days. Your registration is protected and the co-op fee will be paid, provided the buyer enters into an agreement of sale within the specified time period of the first visit. The time period may be extended by re-registering the customer prior to the expiration date.

Can you give me information regarding Toll Brothers advance commission?

The advance commission is available in most states. It may be paid as soon as the sales center receives an executed non-contingent copy of the agreement of sale. This process normally takes place within 30 days of the initial signing. The amount of the commission varies ($2,000 is the minimum) so please check with our sales representative at the community your clients are interested in for more details. This offer is subject to change at any time.

Do I need to be present for the agreement of sale?

Sales representatives handle all of the agreement paperwork, but just so that you stay in the loop with your clients, you are welcome to attend.

May I attend the walk-throughs?

The walk-throughs are strictly with the buyer and Toll Brothers . Real Estate Agents, inspectors, other family members, etc. are not permitted. The contract is between the two parties, and the construction manager needs their undivided attention during this time.

Do I need to attend settlement?

Your commission check will be issued at settlement. So if you want your commission that day, you should attend. Otherwise, arrangements can be made to have it sent to you.

Am I paid on the base house price?

In most areas the answer is yes. Please check with our local sales office to find out how the commission is structured for your area.