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Construction Updates for Regency at Glen Ellen

Update 7/16/19: On or about July 22nd we will begin reclaiming and repaving Orchard St. from approximately house # 52 through 84 (Our secondary entrance through our primary entrance). This corresponds with the road area that will not be affected by Columbia Gas installation. During this time, we will be milling out all of the existing pavement (full width), regrading the road surface, and placing a binder course of asphalt. The entire process should take less than two weeks. Orchard St. will be closed to through traffic in this area during this time, however local residents will have access to get in and out of their driveways. A detour will be set up allowing through access using Causeway St. to Grove St.

This same process will occur on the balance of Orchard St. when the gas company has completed their work.

The crew on Orchard St. has just about finished with the sewer main and will wrap up with services and manholes over the next few weeks. The Exchange St. crew will be complete in a similar time frame.

Update 6/27/19: Work on Orchard St. the week of 7/1 will jump to the east side of the Bogastow Brook bridge and continue to work east. Police details will continue to direct localized traffic with daily progress. Work on Exchange St. will continue south to Island Rd. Exchange St. will remain open to alternating traffic during working hours. 

No work is planned for 7/4 and 7/5. Enjoy your 4th of July!

Update 5/20/19: On Orchard St. we have added a work location starting at the eastern Bogastow Circle intersection headed east. Crews will continue here for approximately two weeks before heading back to Bullard St. The rock trencher will continue to work in the vicinity of Bullard St. concurrently. Directions of road closures and detours will change as work crews progress.

Sewer installation has begun coming out of the pump station on Middlesex St. and will move onto Exchange St. headed south. Exchange St. will remain open to traffic in alternating directions at all times.

Update 4/26/19: Work on Orchard St. will continue from approximately Bullard St. working east. Crews are concurrently working on running sewer services to the street line in front of homes from the project through Bullard. 

Work on the Middlesex St. pump station continues on schedule.

We have hydroseeded the shoulders of Orchard St. from our limit of work close to the Holliston town line through just shy of Bullard St. This hydroseeding is intended as an erosion control measure and is not the finished product of cleanup.

Update 4/11/19: Construction work on Orchard Street continues to move west from the Toll Brothers project. Crews should reach the first Bogastow Circle intersection this week. 

Construction of the Middlesex Street pump station also began last week, and while no road closures have started yet, they are expected to begin approximately Wednesday of this week. CLICK for a traffic detour plan. Work at this pump station is expected to take approximately 8 weeks. Once complete, crews will move south installing sewer in Middlesex and Exchange Streets.

Don't forget to reach out to Columbia Gas Co. if you would like to tie in to natural gas on Orchard Street between Ridge Street and the Toll main entrance. Their customer service representative can be reached using the information below:

Kara Carbone
Residential Sales Consultan
Columbia Gas of Massachusetts>
995 Belmont Street
Brockton, MA 02301
C: 508-208-6162

Please note that the gas company has warned that their window for service installation is tight, so please reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure you can get service if desired.

Update 3/13/19: Construction on Orchard Street will recommence this coming Monday, March 18th. Crews from Robert B. Our Co. will resume where they left off with sewer installation approximately at the intersection of Grove St. signage and police details that were in place last Fall will be reinstated.

Sewer work is not planned to go west of the project's main entrance and construction in that area will not take place until the repaving of Orchard St., which we are hoping to accomplish this Summer.

Update 1/11/2019: Work in Orchard Street is now on hold for the winter. All roads will remain open until the Spring when sewer work will recommence. Exact timing is weather dependent, but likely around April 1.

All water installation is complete, tied in, and active.

Update 11/9/2018: All houses on Orchard Street should have their homes tied into the new water main with the exception of numbers 105, 110, 112, and 117, which will be tied in early next week (likely Monday, 11/12). We will spend next week cleaning up Orchard Street - patching the road, cleaning up shoulders and misc. materials, etc. Our plan is to start work on the sewer beginning from the project heading east, starting the week of 11/19 or 11/26.

We have had some reports of sediment in the water of the new service taps. This is likely from reintroducing water from the new tap into the old service (which has sat dormant for the last two months) and will likely be more prevalent in homes that are further set back from the street. If you find this to be the case, keep your water running, either from a hose bib or in the tub, and the sediment should subside.

Update 10/25/2018: The new water main is expected to be active from Bullard Lane to about 105 - 106 Orchard Street early next week and we will start hooking up services to these homes next week. 

We have changed direction of water main installation due to field conditions and are now running from east to west, starting at Walnut Street and heading back towards the eastern intersection of Bogastow Circle. Water main will likely be complete to this point by the end of the week of 10/29. Testing and services for all remaining homes on temporary water will likely begin the following week (11/5). 

Update 10/12/2018: All homes from Bullard Lane to Walnut Street will be tied in to the temporary water main over the next few days. Crews installing water main in Orchard Street will continue to work towards Walnut Street and police details will direct traffic around the ongoing work.

Update 9/28/2018: Temporary water main is now active and crews will be tying homes on Orchard St. into the temporary main from the project entrance through Bullard Lane. Home east of Bullard will be tied in at a later date and continue to be run off the underground main at this time.

Crews will continue to work east from the project to Walnut Street. Police details will continue to direct traffic around the ongoing work.

Update 9/24/2018: Water main work has started in Orchard Street. Crews will be progressing from Regency at Glen Ellen eastward to Walnut Street over the next few weeks. Police details will be directing traffic around the ongoing work.

Temporary water main is expected to go active next week. Once active, services will be run to each house and connecting through an exterior hose bib, unless discussed otherwise.

Update 9/7/2018: Toll Brothers off site contractor will be connecting the temporary main water system to residents’ homes along Orchard street along with water main piping work between Bogastow Brook and the project entrance to begin week of 9/10. Trenching along Orchard street is to begin the week of 9/17. Orchard street road closure and detours still in effect.

Update 8/21/18: Detour signage installed. Contractor will begin the temporary bypass piping. Stringing out pipe first, then proceeding to driveway and road crossings etc. The temp bypass piping will take 2 weeks to set up.

Update 8/20/18: Orchard Street Detour plan is in effect - click here to see road closures and detours.

Update 8/6/18: Work has begun on Orchard Street with the installation of silt sacs for erosion control measures. We are anticipating the installation of the temporary water by-pass piping to begin the week of August 20th. During this time temporary road closures along Orchard Street may occur. Please continue to check the website for updates to the traffic plan.

7/26/18: Regency at Glen Ellen is now underway. Starting on July 23 through summer 2019 we will be starting road closures along Orchard Street in order to run the new water and sewer lines for the community.

We understand this is going to be a disruption to the local residents so we set up this website to provide timely updates.

Thank you,

Regency at Glen Ellen Project Team

44 Jameson Dr., Millis, MA 02054 | 774-993-3028