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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

As the temperatures rise, it’s time to put away the heavy coats, boots, and snow gear and break out the light sweaters, spring dresses, suits, and shoes. However, in order to stay as organized as possible, you’ll want to do a little planning and preparing before spring cleaning your closet.


1. Store out-of-season apparel and gear out of sight, one closet at a time

Whether in the mudroom or entryway closet, collect and clean as-needed winter gloves, earmuffs, and snow boots and designate a few shelves above or elsewhere to store them – for example, in the basement, spare bedroom, or an extra closet. Opt to store them in containers or an extra suitcase that can be easily stashed away. Then throw in a dryer sheet to keep them fresh. Heavyweight coats or wool pants can be stored in garment bags and hung out of sight.


2. Keep a few transitional pieces

While it’s safe to say puffy down jackets and chunky wool scarves can be packed away, it’s a good idea to leave some transition pieces in the closet, such as your favorite shootie. Flag a few of your favorite winter sweaters and scarves to survive your spring closet purge. They’ll come in handy for layering on unseasonably chilly or breezy days.


3. Follow the one-year rule

Didn’t wear it this winter? It’s been lingering in disrepair for months? Consider seriously fixing that must-have piece or letting go of it. Donate your gently-used items to charities and those who can benefit from them.


4. Get organized

As you replace dark colors with their brighter friends in your wardrobe, make room in your closet, and get organized.  Whether you organize by color or fabric weight or style, you can re-invent new fashion ensembles as you replace old items. That goes for your purses, shoes, and accessories too – organize them for visibility and easy access.


5. Invest in storage

If you’ve cleaned and organized your closet from top to bottom, but still think you could use the space more efficiently – consider upgrading your closet system. It could be as simple as adding more shelves or investing in a customizable closet system – like MasterSuite from ClosetMaid.


Final thoughts

A professionally designed and installed system can cater to your specific style and needs without breaking the bank. It’s the ultimate spring closet makeover for anyone looking to create a stress-free, workable home space!
For more spring organization tips, please visit Toll Brothers’ Organization board on Pinterest.

Toll Brothers’ vendor partner ClosetMaid contributed to this story.

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