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With 50 years of experience building exceptional residential and mixed-use communities, Toll Brothers has a wealth of knowledge to share. When you are looking for subject matter experts on everything from architecture, to financing, to land and real estate, we have an all-star lineup of seasoned professionals who can answer your questions.

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Today's New Home Market

Our marketing and customer experience experts study purchase motivations of various consumer segments so that we can design homes to reflect the needs of the buying public. We are tracking where the markets are headed and what home buyers will be looking for in their future home.

Hot Topics

  • Multigenerational living spaces
  • Millennial buyers
  • Baby Boomers
  • Amenitized communities
  • Urban lifestyle
  • Rental communities

Trends in Home Design

Design is the centerpiece of all that we do. Award-winning design teams within Toll Brothers include Toll Architecture, Toll Landscape, merchandising and interior design, and our Design Studios across the country that offer style spaces and design consultants to help guide home buyers through the hundreds of selections they can choose from to personalize their homes.

Hot Topics

  • Material trends
  • Technological advancements
  • Lifestyle trends
  • Outdoor living
  • Trendsetters

Land Development

With their fingers on the pulse of growth markets, our land development experts follow trends in key areas, such as demographics, employment, and urban infill.

Hot Topics

  • Infrastructure
  • Specific geographies
  • Transit-oriented development/public transportation
  • Local policy

Tech in Home Building

Technology plays a key role in every stage of the home building process. From manufacturing in our Toll Integrated Systems facilities, to construction at the build site, to virtual reality tours of the home, to our TBI Smart Home Solutions technology for the homeowner, we are always working to keep pace as the field continues its rapid evolution.

Hot Topics

  • Urban construction
  • Smart home technology
  • Security
  • XR technology — virtual reality, augmented reality

Home Financing/Interest Rates

Since 1988, TBI Mortgage Company has provided financing solutions for our home buyers. With an expertise in financing new construction, and a keen knowledge of specialty, no-income-verification, and jumbo loans, our team can offer helpful insights into home financing, particularly in the luxury market.

Hot Topics

  • U.S. and world economies
  • Interest rates
  • Employment
  • Economic policy
  • Mortgage products

Capital Markets

As a Fortune 500 Company, Toll Brothers is at the forefront of innovative financing in the home building sector both at the corporate and project level.

Hot Topics

  • Corporate finance
  • Project finance
  • Joint venture trends
  • Global capital markets

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