The Posse Foundation

“I never would've dropped out of college if I'd had my posse with me.”

This comment, made by a student over 30 years ago, was the spark and inspiration for The Posse Foundation. A simple idea—sending a group of students to college together so they could support one another—became the impetus for a program that has sent over 11,000 students to top colleges and universities across the country.

Since 1989, Posse has identified students across the U.S. who might be overlooked by the traditional college application process but who have the potential to lead and excel. Through Posse's rigorous admissions process, select students receive a prestigious full-tuition merit scholarship to one of 64 top colleges and universities across the country, funded by Posse's partner colleges and universities. They then receive guidance and a support system of peers and mentors throughout their college experience. It's this support structure that separates Posse from other organizations and helps students thrive during college and beyond.

Toll Brothers is proud to support and partner with Posse, an extraordinary organization that is creating opportunities for exceptional students to shine and lead the way toward a brighter tomorrow. Being a supporter of Posse means believing in opportunity and equity for young people of all backgrounds.

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