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Create a Basement Home Theater with Automation Technology

By Camryn Rabideau 2 minute read

Last updated on August 21st, 2019

Does your family enjoy playing games and watching movies? If so, there’s no better way to bring everyone together than by creating a basement home theater.

One of the most overlooked spaces of a home is a basement. It usually serves as extra storage space, but a basement is the perfect spot to host all of your family’s favorite pastimes and hang out with friends. Plus, thanks to next-gen automation technology, it’s easier than ever to control all of your entertainment devices without fumbling to find the right remote.

Here’s how to design an amazing basement that will be your family’s go-to entertainment spot.


Start with the Basics, But Ensure They’re Compatible

Every home theater needs a few essentials: comfortable seating, a large TV, a speaker system, and entertainment tools, such as a streaming device or gaming system. While you may already have many of these gadgets, you’ll want to make sure that they all play well together if you plan to link them via home automation.

Entertainment devices made by competing brands aren’t always compatible. For example, if you have an Amazon Fire Stick and a Google Home, they won’t communicate well with each other, which could make your home automation glitchy.

Luckily, most entertainment devices make it clear as to which systems they’re compatible with. As you shop for products, check the descriptions to ensure that everything works together and your basement home theater is streamlined and intuitive.


Install an Automation Hub

Once you have all of the necessary components for your basement hangout area, you’ll need a hub to connect them all. Entertainment hubs are a must-have for home theaters, as they allow you to dim the lights, power the TV, turn on the speakers, and more with just the touch of a button. This type of automation makes it easier for your family to get set up in the theater and start relaxing. It also eliminates the need to have multiple remotes nearby.

There are a number of entertainments hubs you can choose from, all of which offer their own unique benefits. One popular option is the Harmony Hub, which works with a variety of smart home brands and can control up to eight entertainment devices and an unlimited number of activities. Take your movie night up a notch with dimmed lights, your go-to streaming device, and surround sound. You can also create specific settings for gaming, watching sports, date night, or even meditating.


Add Extra Flair with Fun Accessories

Want to take your home theater to the next level? Consider some of these additional next-gen technologies to really wow your guests:

    • Smart blinds
    • Automated beer brewing systems
    • Color-changing smart lights
    • Virtual reality systems
    • Smart ceiling fans
    • Seating with built-in phone chargers or massage features

Any of these gadgets will improve the functionality—as well as the cool factor—of your home theater, making it your family and friends’ go-to spot for movies, gaming, sporting events, and more.

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