Downsizing 102: The Final Steps to Your Master Checklist

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

Your planner is filled with move-in dates and to-do lists, you’ve measured your spaces and compared them to your new home, and the sorting process of categorizing and separating precious heirlooms from those that you wish to discard is almost complete. With a positive can-do attitude and helpful downsizing tips, you’re ready to start fresh. New opportunities await as you contemplate interior design choices.

There is a chance that you will miss the familiarity of your old home’s comfort, but with the final installment of our downsizing checklist, a part of our miniseries Downsizing 101, you will soon be on your way to completing a seamless transition into your new home and we’ll look forward to welcoming you to your new community.


Packed Up

The fifth step in our two-part checklist is to pack all of your belongings for the move. This is how you can organize and sort items efficiently with minimal hassle:

  • Welcome others to help with packing chores: family members, friends, the move specialist or a moving company. With everything pre-labeled, the task is easier and fairly mechanical.
  • Label all boxes with their destination room/area in the new residence.
  • Moving companies can supply specialized containers, e.g., wardrobe boxes, so you can leave clothes on hangers.
  • Pack “open first” box(es). The contents are for setting up sleeping accommodations and the bathroom. Include items such as fresh bedding, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste & toothbrush, comb, nightclothes, towel, plate and utensils, one change of clothes, flashlight, tape, scissors.
  • Pack other important items that you’ll keep with you during the move: residence contract, keys, medications, legal documents, checkbook, cell phone, address book, first-aid kit, extra cash, your relocation notebook. Label this container. Valuables such as jewelry should be in a safe-deposit box unless items are worn regularly.


Let It Go

Some items may have to be discarded or sold. Make sure you have all the preparations ready in advance.

  • Discard items that are so marked. You may need to call for extra trash pick-ups.
  • Give away items as designated. Offer friends and family members additional keepsakes.
  • Before selling items, get an appraisal from an expert such as a jeweler, art collector, or someone knowledgeable about rare books if you’re not sure of the value.
  • Furniture and other items can go to: estate sale companies, auction or “want ad” websites such as eBay or Craigslist, consignment shops, garage sale.
  • Donate the remainder of items to charities that will pick them up.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

With the last item on the checklist, you’ve almost reached the finish line! Make sure that your belongings will be at your new home when you arrive.

  • Be sure you have a written contract from the moving company and clear idea of coverage for lost or damaged possessions.
  • Get a firm time for their arrival, at both the old and new residences.
  • Check inventory lists.
  • Check payment options: credit card or check?
  • Have someone assigned to meet the movers at the new residence. Be sure they have a key!
  • Ensure that all boxes are properly labeled.
  • Use the “open first” boxes to set up the bedroom and bathroom immediately.
  • Prepare to spend a few days unpacking and organizing. Get someone to help if you can. Work as quickly as you can to make this new home feel homelike.

After arriving, you’re ready to unpack your belongings and get settled into your new space. Downsizing can be a great way for a fresh start and an opportunity to really enjoy the warm comforts of a luxury home, no matter the square footage. To discover more on how to make your move a more pleasant experience, check our Downsizing Tips 101: 5 Tips to Get Started article.

Need interior design inspiration for your new space? Consult with our Pinterest Boards for inspiration and the latest trends in luxury home decor.

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