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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

“Great Scott!”

The iconic Hollywood trilogy “Back to The Future” had some pretty spot-on predictions in its second installment, which took place in an imagined 2015. A few of our favorite devices like smart handheld gadgets and the ability to view multiple TV channels from only one screen were highlights of the film. As we jump from the 1989 fictional masterpiece to 2018, some of today’s technology surpasses the expectations of the sci-fi classic, and elevate the experience of living in luxury homes.

Seamlessly integrated platforms, such as Control4 or Alarm.com, can manage your smart home right from your fingertips – just as predicted. Let’s take a look at the convenience of a technologically luxurious lifestyle that will have you itching to drive the DeLorean into the future, to your Toll Brothers home.


Stay connected, wirelessly

Almost all devices today are connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and are equipped with their own mobile app. This helps you to conveniently link all of your technology to create an advanced ecosystem that facilitates a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

Imagine pulling into your driveway after your evening commute, and automatically your front door unlocks, security system disarms, and the pathway lights turn on to lead the way. Through intelligent features such as geo-fencing, a technology that uses your mobile device’s GPS to track your location, you are guided effortlessly into your home without having to dig into your bag for keys or fumble with the alarm and lights.

Cooking a culinary masterpiece when the doorbell rings? Ask Alexa to show you the video feed and view footage of your visitor from your smart device or custom Suera Waterproof TV, conveniently located on the kitchen backsplash.

With best-in-class Wi-Fi options for inside and outside living, TBI Smart Home Solutions can guarantee coverage to enable seamless support of multiple Wi-Fi-enabled systems, whether it is just for streaming music or to connect all your home automation needs.

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Video security

Travel with the peace of mind that your top security system will send you real-time alerts and capture 24/7 HD recordings of your home while you are away. View secure video streaming from a searchable library or adjust the angle of your security cameras anywhere or anytime straight from your phone, tablet, or computer. Once you return home, your system will automatically pause surveillance until you leave again.

Through your smart device, you can remotely say hello or take video clips of those who arrive at your door. Get alerted to severe weather, power outages, or when your family gets home from work or school. With advanced technological features from Alarm.com and Control4, you never miss a thing.


Energy management

Efficiently manage your energy consumption with your Alarm.com platform, and access insights about where your home is expending the most energy. Make adjustments from your app, and schedule the lights to activate upon waking or before you go to sleep. Optimize your home’s climate by creating customizable schedules to change room temperatures according to your daily routine.

Does someone in your household always run hot or cold? Easily set different rooms to different specifications using your handheld device, and feel the temperature rise or decline based on your settings.

Sensors located throughout your home will conveniently track your activity and location and automatically adjust to your ideal warmth. Whether you indulge in a peaceful slumber, cook up a storm in the kitchen, or wake up to the morning sun, know that your Toll Brothers smart home is there to adjust the temperature and lighting to match your comfort levels as you travel between your favorite spaces.



Illuminate your exquisitely designed kitchen and island with multi-hued lighting that sets the scene for everything from relaxed mornings to lively dinner parties. Activate your lighting cues from the Control4 mobile app and brighten your space in style as friends and family enjoy a casual or formal dining experience. Dance the night away or host a Sunday brunch with colorful kitchen lighting and tunes to set the mood.

Incorporate classical melodies as you enthrall guests with popular playlists or even access your streaming service of choice with Control4’s advanced technology. Easily personalize your Control4 preset channels with descriptors like entertain, clean-up, or party, located on a sleek keypad to match any occasion.


Final thoughts

Whether you are interested in Doc Emmet Brown’s labor-saving gadgets such as video surveillance, or geo-fencing climate control, or entertainment technology that allows you to set the scene for your next event, TBI Smart Home Solutions can work with you to incorporate the best technological system, specific to your preferences and lifestyle, into your Toll Brothers home.


To learn more about how you can acquire an Alarm.com or Control4 security system visit our TBI Smart Home Solutions website or stop by one of our sales centers to begin the process. Your dream home is waiting, and it can be both impeccably designed and technologically inclined.

TBI Smart Home Solutions, a Toll Brothers subsidiary that provides monitoring services exclusively to more than 10,000 Toll Brothers homeowners across the country, contributed to this story.

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