3 Color Shades Sure to Make a Statement

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

Utilizing color, lighting, and décor can all help to create a statement room. The statement room is ever evolving around the latest design trends. What once was considered the man cave is now being repurposed; craft rooms, playrooms, or large primary suite walk-in closets are the latest bonus spaces taking shape.

Pastel and Neutral Shades

With Pinterest, Etsy and the maker movement taking over, craft spaces are now taking up space in our homes. People need organized workspaces that allow for storage of various items all together at a finger’s reach. Soft, pastel-colored walls are great in these types of spaces. Utilize white shelving and work surfaces to keep the palette simple, clean and bright. Clear glass storage containers, help to keep the space organized and let colorful items show.

Colors similar to beautiful pastels and neutrals:

Playful Shades

Kids playrooms are also becoming more popular in a bonus space or finished basement. Tree houses, tents, and castles are just one way to create a statement in a playroom; this can be created as a visual with paint alone or as a 3D sculpture inside the room. For additional depth, a drawbridge on a castle could swing down to let children into a secret play nook. A tire swing could hang from the branches of a climbable tree, or a fabric tent can be placed in the middle of a room painted with beautifully landscaped walls, providing extra hiding places. The kids will love it!

Use colors similar to these playful shades:

Rich Shades

Don’t forget about luxurious walk-in closets. Try placing a plush slipper chair in your walk-in closet for added drama and a place to rest or put on shoes. Add in a few floor-length mirrors, some dramatic drapery, and a beautiful chandelier. Keep colors simple and neutral so they don’t interfere with the color of your clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can also use this space to showcase and display your fine collection of handbags, heels, and jewelry.

Use colors similar to these rich shades:

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Toll Brothers’ vendor partner Sherwin-Williams, the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, contributed to this story.

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    1. Larry Guinan says:

      I need to purchase some interior paint from the painters who work on the Ravenscliff development located in Media, PA. Can you tell me who they are and how to contact them?

      • Andrew Espinoza says:

        Hi Larry, thank you for your interest. The design firm that decorated this community is Possibilities for Design, who can be contacted here: https://www.possibilitiesfordesign.com/contact-us/. To help them better understand which paint you are interested in, we recommend sharing the model and room that contains the paint you would like to know more about. Hope this helps!

        • Robert Jones says:

          Can you tell me who did the painting for the Perugia model at Avalon at Plum Canyon in Santa Clarita? I would like to know the interior color they did.

          • Toll Brothers says:

            Hello Robert, Sherwin-Willaims provides us with our paint selection. We encourage you to visit their website and explore the vast array of colors. Thanks!

      • Nitish says:

        Hi, Could you please let me know the cabinets color for the Travisso Sienna Model House located in Austin, TX? It’s a type of brown color, we went to Sherwin Williams but wanted to know the exact name and code of the color. Thanks!

        • Toll Brothers says:

          Hi, Nitish. We are not able to locate an exact match for your request. However, we recommend also browsing Sheriwn-Williams’s stain colors. Some of the notable “brown” stains that are offered at Travisso include Maple Sugar, Chestnut, Espresso, Rosewood, Beechwood, and Mission Oak. We hope this helps answer your question. Thanks!

    2. Claudia Mabry Clontz says:

      I need to purchase home interior trim paint for my Bayhill model that was built in Regency at Dominion Valley in Haymarket, VA in 2005. Can you please tell me the brand and color/type of paint that was originally used? Thank you

      • Andrew Espinoza says:

        Hi Claudia, I have reached out to our Virginia team for more information, and will notify you when they get back to me. Thanks!

    3. Nikki Way says:

      I need to purchase some interior paint from the painters who painted my Madison model at Parkside in Lake Forest, CA in 2017. Can you please tell me what standard interior “white” color was used? Thank you!

      • Andrew Espinoza says:

        Hi Nikki, I have reached out to our team for assistance, and they would like to know your address or lot number that you’ve purchased? This way, we can correctly identify which paint you need. Also if possible, please specify which rooms you’d like to paint so we can make sure we are 100% accurate with which paint you need. Thanks!

    4. Paula davenport says:

      I need to paint my trim in a Toll Brothers house in The Oaks, Osprey, Florida. The paint listed on the specs is Toll white. Is there a Sherwin Williams comparable color? I am using SW ProClassic semi gloss extra white and it’s a bit bright.

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Paula, we are currently waiting for our team to get back to us with an answer, which I will then pass along to you! Thanks.

    5. Kate says:


      I’m trying to find out the wall and trim color paint for our Toll Brothers Condo at The Ridges in Ashburn/Brambleton area in Virginia. I believe it’s a sherwin Williams color, looks off white .
      Thank you

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Kate, we’ve reached out to the appropriate team to see if they can help us locate the paint color for you. We will let you know when we have more information. Thanks!

    6. Diane Sauer says:

      Hi! I am trying to figure out ceiling paint color for townhouse in The Cottages, Raleigh NC built in 2008. I have sent several emails and made several phone calls and have not received a response. I am hoping reaching out this way will work. Thank you!

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Diane, we have reached out to our associates for more information, and will let you know what they have to say.

    7. Stacy says:

      Hello! I toured several homes in your Pacifica development today. I really liked the light gray paint color use in the three Harbor View models. Could you please share the paint colors? Thank you so much. All the model homes we saw today in Ocean Hills, Tradewinds & Harbor View were gorgeous!

      • Toll Brothers says:

        We truly appreciate your kind words, Stacy! Unfortunately, we cannot provide paint colors from our models. However, we encourage you to explore Sherwin-Williams and their collection of colors since we work with them for our interior paints. We hope this helps!

    8. John says:

      Hi Toll Brothers,

      Would you mind sharing what color of grey you use on the inside for living rooms in your houses in Gale Ranch in California? We love your use of shades of grey.

      Thanks very much.


      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi John, we cannot provide that info, but encourage you to explore Sherwin-Willaims and their website since they are our paint color suppliers. Thanks!

    9. Joy samuel says:

      I recently purchased a house in Eustis St south riding va. Can you please let me know what shade of white for ceiling was used.


      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Joy, can you provide the home design name? This will help us in trying to locate the correct paint color for you. Thanks!

    10. Margie Starr says:

      Can you provide the shade of white used for the baseboards on Van Gogh Drive, El Dorado Hills in 2018?

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Margie, can you provide the home design name? This will help us with trying to locate the correct paint color for you. Thanks!

    11. Mary Badger says:

      We’re building a Toll Brothers townhome in Regency at Belmont, Ashburn VA. We had the option earlier of choosing the white paint color they offered but sadly didn’t select it. Can you please tell me the name of the white paint they offered so we can at least change a few rooms on our own. Mercer Run Terrace, Ashburn, VA

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Mary, we have reached out to applicable team members to try and find the best course of action for you. We will respond later on with any new insight on the matter. Thanks!

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Mary, the white paint color you are searching for is Pure White by Sherwin-Williams. We hope this helps answer your question. Thanks!

    12. Prathi Sethi says:


      Can you tell me the name of the paint color used on the interior of our home for the Reserve of Northampton in Ivyland, PA. If it matters the model was the Malvern

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hello, Prathi. Unfortunately, we cannot locate the exact paint color used for this model given the community predates our internal catalogue. We partner with Sherwin-Williams for our interior paint, and suggest visiting their website to browse possible color matches. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks!

    13. Vinodita Gupta says:

      Hi! I am trying to find the paint color for my interior walls . Estates of Mill creek , Furlong. PA . Built in 2015.
      Can you please send me the color code?
      Thank you.

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi, Vinodita. Can you share your exact home design? This will help us in trying to locate the right color for you. Thanks!

    14. Robert Johnson says:

      Wondering where I can acquire the white paint color used in homes in Aldie, VA in 2017/18. Unable to find specificity anywhere else. Thanks.

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi, Robert. Please provide the name of your home design and community. This information will help us when attempting to locate the applicable paint color. In the meantime, we partner with Sherwin-Williams for our paint, so we encourage you to visit their website to see if you can come across a potnetial color match. Thanks!

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