Toll Brothers’ Chris Gaffney named Winner of the 2016 Hearthstone Humanitarian Award by Builder Magazine

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Below, an excerpt from Builder Online, story written by John McManus. Toll Brothers is so proud of our Chris Gaffney for all he does to support the kids of Covenant House – go Chris!

To read the full story, please follow the link at the bottom of this blog.

The key measure of success among home builders, of course, is an organization’s ability to produce more economic value with fewer resources. Still, what courses through the veins of so many of the home building companies–large and small–that we cover is a reason-for-being that goes beyond economic profitability.

Wise people, profit-motivated people, believe that one day, a key performance indicator of a company’s success as a business will not consist of how much money it can extract from its customers vs. the cost of goods or services it markets. Instead, we’ll measure the success of a business model based on how much an organization’s market strategies allow it to pour resources–time, talent, generosity, money, and produced items–back into society and the planet.

We’re seeing a sneak preview of such a day in the work of people like Chris Gaffney, group president at Toll Brothers, who awakens each day and goes to sleep each night knowing that his life’s work is not merely his highly successful career at Toll, but what that career allows him to give to others beyond Toll.

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Toll Brothers, an award-winning FORTUNE 500 company founded in 1967, is the nation's leading builder of luxury homes. Embracing an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, Toll Brothers currently builds in 24 states nationwide, and is a publicly owned company with its common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TOL). 2021 marks the 10th year Toll Brothers has been named to FORTUNE magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies® list. Toll Brothers also has been honored as national Builder of the Year by BUILDER magazine, and was twice named national Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine.

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