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Sports fishing, diving, golf, and seemingly endless coastline are just a few of the many highlights of life in Florida. From its northern-most woodlands and rolling hills, to the lakes scattered across its center, to the sun-soaked wetlands of the south, the state is brimming with verdant land to enjoy and explore. Resort style is a way of life, and Florida provides the perfect backdrop for a new adventure or a life of leisure

A tourism mecca, Florida sees more than 100 million visitors per year, but many who come to visit choose to stay. Retirees seeking The Sunshine State, and students looking for exceptional higher education at one of Florida's post-secondary institutions make up a large portion of the state's population.

Northern Florida

Home to much of the state's rich history, with cities such as Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Northern Florida's varied landscapes and weather patterns make it a perfect blend of the states to its north and the tropics to its south.

Julington Lakes Estate Collection - St. John's, FL
Julington Lakes - Estate Collection - St. John's, FL
Golf course in South Florida Golfing in Florida
South Florida beach Key West, Florida

Central Florida

Central Florida is full of wonder with destination theme parks, like Disneyworld and Universal Studios, but beyond the resort areas, lake country features an array of magnificent scenes that make your backyard a window into nature.

Casabella at Windermere - Windermere, FL
Casabella at Windermere - Windermere, FL

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