6 Luxurious 2019 Home Design Trends to Use in Your Home

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Last updated on February 9th, 2021

With each new year comes new trends in interior design, and as a homeowner (or potential home buyer), you can tap into these popular styles to keep your space looking modern.

From flooring and paint colors to furniture and fixtures, the following are some of the hottest 2019 home design trends to incorporate into your living space.


1. Bright, Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback! However, it’s the brighter stick-on wallpaper that is becoming more popular, as it allows you to add a pop of interest to any room with minimal commitment.

These products are easy to apply—just peel and press—and removal is hassle-free. This allows you to update the wall whenever you want, continuously updating your space to keep up with current design aesthetics. Whether you want oversized floral prints or faux weathered wood, there’s a modern wallpaper that is sure to look great in your home.


2. Unconventional Tile Accents

While subway tiles are a classic choice for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom shower, many people are embracing more adventurous tile styles this year. Different tile sizes, shapes, and patterns can transform any room in your house, making it look modern and luxe.

For instance, you might cover an entire wall with large, oversized tiles for a contemporary look or use fun geometric tiles as a kitchen backsplash to add visual interest to the room. With the thousands of tile variations available today, the options are nearly endless.


3. Warm White Paint

White is a classic paint color that will never go out of style, but did you know that there are dozens of different shades of white? Subtle variations in the undertone of the paint can make a surprisingly dramatic difference when the color is on your walls. For instance, white with a gray undertone will feel cool and calming, while yellow undertones will make a room appear brighter and more cheery.

Currently, warm white paints are increasingly popular. Warm paints have undertones of yellow, orange, brown, or red, and they typically create a cozier and more welcoming atmosphere. Warm whites are a perfect choice for your kitchen, living room, or even bedroom, especially if you have a rustic, country, or traditional decor style. These shades pair well with natural wood finishes and earth-toned color palettes.


4. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living is an increasingly popular concept, as it allows you to enjoy the benefits of your home and yard all at once. This type of modern space usually features large paneled doors that fold away, turning your indoor living area and outdoor patio into one big entertainment space. This allows you to enjoy the warm summer breezes and natural light inside so that you can comfortably host your dinner parties.

Indoor-outdoor spaces are often incorporated as part of a living room or kitchen, and they’re a great long-term investment for nature lovers, families, or avid hosts.


5. Mix and Match Furniture

Once upon a time, homeowners bought furniture sets with a matching sofa, coffee table, dining table, and so on. However, today’s home design trends have moved away from matching furniture. Now, people are increasingly purchasing one-off pieces to add more visual interest to their homes.

The key to this design trend is to choose furniture that complements each other. Try choosing two different chairs in the same color or tie two unique pieces together with matching throw pillows. If you’re shopping for dining room chairs, why not get different ones to put at the head of each side of the table? You can also put a bench on one side; the options are endless.

When furnishing a room in this way, it’s more important that the pieces are the same design style—modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, etc.—than that they match perfectly.


6. Outdoor Entertainment Areas

The most popular 2019 home design trends aren’t just for inside the house—the yard needs updating, too. One of the biggest landscaping trends right now is creating comprehensive open-air entertainment spaces, complete with comfortable seating, TVs, lighting, and even kitchens and bars. These outdoor living spaces will instantly upgrade your summer gatherings, and your family will probably want to spend every possible moment outside when the yard is this lush.


Home Decor Trends to Pass On

The 2019 home design trends above are both luxurious and stylish, but they’re not too trendy that you’ll get tired of them quickly. Keep in mind that not all trends are meant to last.

Some fleeting trends include:

  • Velvet furniture
  • Terrazzo floors and counters
  • Boho-chic decor
  • Blush pink and rose gold accents

When you use modern trends to create a house you love, you and your family will feel more at home than ever.

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