Organic Modern Style: An Interior Design Trend

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Organic Modern is on-trend in interior design, pulling inspiration from Minimalism, Mid-Century Modern, and Boho design styles. This style is about designing raw and refined spaces that layer organic elements, forms, and natural hues against a simplistic background.

Nature-inspired furniture pieces combined with crisp architectural elements allow the focus of this style to center around exciting furniture pieces and décor.

Join us as we explore the design elements that go into creating a luxurious Organic Modern design, and visit the ‘Design’ category on Build Beautiful for more home inspiration.


What are the Characteristics of Organic Modernism?

Wood Décor

Organic, sustainable, versatile, and timeless – these principles of Organic Modern design can also be used to describe the qualities of wood. Whether incorporating wood through flooring, cabinetry, wall accents, or furniture, this material’s inherent warmth, texture, and connection to the outdoors will enhance your living space.

luxe bathroom employing wood dècor in an organic modern design
Toll Brothers at Adero Canyon in Fountain Hills, AZ



When implementing Organic Modern style, the goal is to create an ambiance that blurs the line between interior design and the natural world. With its colorful stone-like appearance, terrazzo does precisely that by emulating the hues and textures found in nature.

While the exact palette of terrazzo and its interaction with other natural materials is entirely up to one’s preference, there’s no denying the artistic flair and visual interest that terrazzo provides in an Organic Modern design.

Bathroom with shower that utilizes terrazzo flooring
Toll Brothers at Escena in Palm Springs, CA


Plaster Design

At its core, Organic Modern design promotes simplicity and sleekness. Plaster supports this movement by creating seamless surfaces allowing for an elegant, uniform look. Whether utilizing smooth plaster walls or a plaster statement piece, evoke a sense of calmness in your space with the material’s overall soothing aesthetic.

modern kitchen featuring neutral colors, plaster features, and other elements of Organic Modern design
Cinnamon Ridge by Toll Brothers in Sparks, NV


Sculptural Architectural Features such as Arches and Curves

Prominent features found in traditional architecture, arches and curves are witnessing a resurgence in popularity amongst modern home builders. A multi-faceted element, sculptural architecture can add a sense of grandeur and fluidity to your living spaces while framing a desired focal point.

Luxury interior design highlighted by foyer hallway accentuated by curved architectural framing
Lakeside at Cielo Ranch by Toll Brothers in Shady Shores, TX


Nature Inspired Furniture

From rugs and couches to tables and chairs, each piece of furniture in an Organic Modern design should support the space’s natural aesthetic. Whether tonally through earthy hues, texturally through wooden décor, or visually through biomorphic design, furniture can play a vital role in creating a fulfilling Organic Modern ambiance.

Light, airy loft space showcasing nature inspired furniture and overall organic modern style
Flora at Morrison Ranch by Toll Brothers in Gilbert, AZ


What Colors are Organic Modern?

The colors of this interior design style should ultimately reflect the earthy, soothing, and harmonious tones found in nature. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the most widespread hues found in Organic Modern design include neutrals, greens, blues, and browns. Additionally, more vibrant colors like red and orange can be ushered in as parallels to the natural accents of nature, like the petals of a flower or leaves in Autumn.

Bright, naturally lit great room highlighted by gorgeous fireplace accent wall
Regency at Waterside by Toll Brothers in Ambler, PA


Let us know your thoughts on Organic Modern design in the comments below, and check out our blog for more inspiring interior design ideas!

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