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The Artful RSVP: Wedding Celebrations and Invitation Inspirations

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Vibrant florals illuminated by exquisitely placed chandeliers set the scene for a beautiful wedding as a happy couple celebrates the occasion with friends and family. Guests sit down to elegant place settings and toast to future happiness in crystal champagne glasses as details such as wedding invitations, food and drink assortments, and the venue is carefully selected prior. If you are buying a new luxury home with your significant other or choosing a location for your wedding, Toll Brothers is here with our Toll Golf team to start you off on the right foot, but first let’s get started with a few inspirational pieces for the big day, such as the invitation!

Elegant drawn out bold parchment to announce your nuptials is just one way to share your joy with your guests, friends or family. Although there are quite a few options for your ideal invitation, reflecting both your style and tastes, experts from Bella Figura, a Central New York printer that specializes in wedding invitations, share their thoughts on the latest trends to help you choose the best option for your big day.


Tying the ‘Theme’

Invitations can go a long way in reflecting who you are as a couple, or correlate with your wedding theme that may leave your soon-to-be-guests with a lasting impression. You can select from an array of traditionally formal motifs with rustic embellishments or choose invitations that are styled with hints of modern refinement – whatever you decide, keep in mind that this is a sweet and simple addition that should fit into your overall wedding design. Bella Figura shares an excellent selection from some of their most popular collections to help you navigate through the many combinations of colors, shapes, and fonts available.



Formal wedding invitations entail a chic, type-based look, and they are also one of the most popular in-demand designs. Couples have been known to bring in a pop of color with a patterned envelope liner, foil edging or edge painting to add some additional flair to the traditionally styled parchment. You can also print a pattern on the backside of your invitations to give it a little extra oomph!



Planning a modern celebration with a bit more edge? Using design features like color blocking or bold geometric motifs are just a few of the ways you can add a dramatic modern flair to the invites. Embedding a gold shimmer into a dark paper stock is an excellent way to catch the reader’s eye and create a statement that they’re sure to get excited about.



Elegantly cascading lines painted on defined parchment is a classic take on the wedding invitation and many couples do love the uniqueness of calligraphy. You can choose between select lines (or the entire letter) to be featured by delicately constructed hand-lettered text. Calligraphy gives the opportunity for real one-of-a-kind designs and personalization. This element is closely related to the traditional invite, but can also take on a life of its own.


Floral & Rustic

Floral wedding invitations are romantic and sweet – and give you the chance to introduce your wedding colors to guests before the big day. Playful fonts and leafy laurel motifs define many rustic themed designs, which can help set the tone for a celebration with earthy accents.


Final Thoughts

The nature of invitations allows for artistic flexibility where you can creatively bring your guests into the scene as they become witnesses to a joyous occasion. Consider how your theme and style fits into the bigger picture. Need further assistance? With expert direction, you are bound to find a style perfect for your big day. For more information on hand crafted invitations for any season, be sure to check out Bella Figura’s website and our Toll Golf and Events and Weddings Pinterest boards. Need a venue? Check out our Toll Brothers Country Club locations nationwide as we host some of the most beautiful weddings in gorgeous venues. Below are just a few places to officially tie the knot.


Bella Figura, a Central New York printer who makes unique wedding invitations with over 300 designs, and who offers one of the largest collections of letterpress wedding invitations anywhere in the world, contributed to this story. Invitation photos courtesy of Kate Ignatowski and Bella Figura.

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