Ceiling Accents That Wow: 4 Ideas to Elevate Your Décor

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

Looking for a way to differentiate your home décor? The answer is right above you. The ceiling provides the perfect canvas to make a statement with paint, lighting, metallic accents, and wood beams and trusses. Not only can ceiling accents visually enhance your space, they can make a large space feel cozier, give a small room a more open appearance, create a focal point, add dimension, and tie your décor together.



To make a small room feel larger, paint your ceiling and walls the same color. This trick extends the eye up, making your space seem more open. It also works for rooms that are asymmetrical or have vaulted or angled ceilings because it helps simplify and unify the space. For larger rooms, painting the ceiling in a darker color gives it a more intimate, cozy feel. Should you have a relatively neutral room, turn the ceiling into a focal point by adding an unexpected hue or painting stripes in contrasting or tonal shades.



Our friends at Progress Lighting have everything you need to add extraordinary illumination to any ceiling. Hanging a striking chandelier or large pendant in your foyer always makes a great first impression. Ceiling lights can also make a stunning impact in your dining room and kitchen. Over your dining table, consider using semi-flush lighting, which has more flair and style. For kitchen islands or bars, a long rectangular pendant light makes a striking statement. 


Metallic Accents

Metallic is a trend that is quickly making its way across all interior design styles. From traditional, transitional, and rustic decors to industrial and modern, the luxe look is popping up everywhere. Of all the places in your home to add a touch of metallic glam, one of the most unexpected and eye-catching is the ceiling. The options for covering your ceiling are many, including metallic paint, foiled or patterned wallpaper, and embossed ceiling tiles plated with aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or copper. If you’d rather opt for a more subtle metallic look, install a metallic medallion or create a frame over a key area, like a kitchen island, and fill it with the metallic medium of your choice.


Beams and Trusses

A room with ceiling beams instantly grabs attention. Although there are many faux options on the market, nothing is more authentic than solid wood, with butternut and mahogany boasting some of the most beautiful grains. Your architect or builder can help you select the type of wood and beam size that best fits the look, size, and height of your room. They can also help you determine the best direction to run the beams, which can be installed flat against a painted or planked surface or bridged across vaulted ceilings. They can also be patterned in a grid design to create a coffered ceiling or built in a triangular arrangement of trusses, using straight and/or curved beams. In all cases, the beams can be left exposed for a warm, natural look or painted to match or complement the ceiling for a more sophisticated appearance.


When it comes adding a wow factor to your décor, the sky—or should we say the ceiling—is the limit. Statement ceiling accents are proving to be a popular way to elevate any décor. Architectural details, dimensional features, and interesting colors once reserved for walls are making their way up, creating standout ceilings that are as impressive as they are beautiful.

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    1. Donna Aprahamian says:

      Your homes are just gorgeous! Could you point me in the right direction of where I might be able to find the mirrors that are in the first photo?
      (The photo with the wood ceiling in the dining room)

      I would so appreciate your assistance!

      Thank you,


      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi Donna, I have reached out to our team for answers and will let you know when they respond. Thanks!

        • Toll Brothers says:

          Hi Donna, my team cannot find the exact mirrors for you. Possibilities By Design are the designers that decorated this model. We recommend reaching out to them via their website with the name of our model and location.

    2. Michael M says:

      Hello, as per the first photo, the one with the wood plank ceiling and the mirrors, what was the wood used for the planks? Or, what was the stain used on those ceiling planks? The coloring is gorgeous, and I would like to be able to purchase or replicate the wood stain? Thank you.

      • Toll Brothers says:

        Hi, Michael. While we truly appreciate your interest in our model’s design features, we are unable to provide you with these specific details at this time. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

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