5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Apartment

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Modern apartment living is a far cry from the small and simple rentals of yesterday. Apartment communities designed with the latest and greatest amenities to let you live, work, and play without ever leaving home. Club rooms, fitness centers, pools, game rooms, and co-working spaces can streamline and enhance your life while allowing your apartment design to take on a more personal direction. With convenience and decadent design at the heart of Toll Brothers Apartment Living, we’ve narrowed down our top five things to think about when designing your new apartment.


More “we” space gives you a better “me” space

“We” spaces let you entertain, work out, and play outside your me space. Resident lounges, game rooms, and fitness centers, like the ones at Riverworks Phoenixville (shown above), help you keep your apartment feel more like a home and less like an office or gym. Pay attention to every square foot; select appropriately scaled furniture to keep spaces open and less cluttered while still functional.


Lighter colors enhance the feeling of space

Use white and light grays to make a bathroom feel more like a spacious home spa.


Neutral design palettes complement bold accents

Select neutral textiles for major upholstery pieces, and add pattern, color, and texture in accent pieces. This allows flexibility and cost savings when it’s time to update your style. Accents, whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a beaded throw pillow, or a beautiful coffee table book, can become the star of the show when using a neutral design palette.


Clean lines allow refined finishes to stand out

Keep it simple. By keeping your surfaces uncluttered, you give beautiful cabinets, counters, and fixtures the opportunity to shine. If you’re looking for more space in the kitchen, try floating shelves to keep your counter and workspaces clean.


Personalization doesn’t have to be permanent

Customize your apartment with items that can be easily installed and removed. Most rental properties encourage residents to leave wall and floor finishes “as is,” but artwork, window treatments, shelving, and free-standing décor are just a few examples of items that can transform even a guest bedroom into a functional and creative workspace.

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