Building a Home Gym to Accommodate Your Modern Lifestyle

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

New technology and streamlined equipment have made exercising in your home gym easier than ever before. Rather than packing up your gear and lugging it to the closest fitness club, you can set up your own workout space and fill it with the equipment and amenities that work best for you.

When building a home gym, you also have the opportunity to personalize the design with modern accessories and high-tech workout machines to give you what you need and want most when working out.


The Benefits of a Home Gym

When life gets busy, squeezing in a quick work out at home may be the easiest solution to keep you fit. You can design a personalized space in your home that looks great and encourages you to work out. The benefits of building a home gym include:



 A home gym saves commuting time and allows you to exercise whenever the opportunity presents itself—while your kids are napping, before or after work.



If you’re the type of person who prefers to exercise at your own pace, without others watching, home gyms offer privacy.



 When you design a home gym, you can pick and choose the equipment you use most frequently and set it up in the formation that works for you. With a customized in-home audio system, you can even select your preferred workout mix.


Increased Value to Your Home

 The addition of a home gym can add value to your home with upgraded flooring and other amenities. Converting an otherwise unused space will also add to your own personal enjoyment of your living space.


Using the Latest Technology for an Interactive Experience

Today’s advanced gym equipment gives you an interactive experience that is both fun and effective. Streaming guided workouts with a fitness machine like Mirror or Tonal can take the place of your personal trainer at the gym. If you want to take a spinning class from home, the latest stationary bikes from Nordictrak or Peloton allow you to stream classes.


Designing a Home Gym

One of the greatest perks of a home gym is having the opportunity to design it however you’d like. While planning, think about the space you’re converting, the equipment, and any additional items that will make it feel like a real gym, such as lighting and mirrors.


Step 1: Choose the Space

Find space within your home where you can comfortably fit exercise equipment. This can be a portion of your basement, an unused bedroom, or another flex space. If you’re combining your gym with another living space, such as a basement, think about the transition between the two spaces with the help of glass doors, flooring, or even a new paint color.


Step 2: Pick the Fitness Equipment

You’ll want to choose a mix of cardio equipment, like a treadmill, stair climber, or elliptical machine, as well as free weights. A television and sound system may also be an option if you like working out to music or while watching a favorite show.


Step 3: Lighting/Mirrors

For a true gym look, consider adding mirrors to help check your form. The right lighting can properly transition the room from just a spare space to a workout area. Natural light and a window view can help to generate the feel of an outdoor workout when the weather isn’t cooperating.


Step 4: Flooring

Flooring should be durable enough to withstand the activity of your workout and the weight of the equipment in the room. You’ll also want something comfortable and supportive. Home gym flooring choices range from hardwood to rubber floor mats seen in commercial gyms or carpet tiles, depending on how you’re using the space. 


Pulling it All Together

When building a home gym, it’s important to invest in equipment you’ll enjoy using. You can always start with a treadmill and basic free weights and plan to add pieces as needed. Always keep safety in mind and consult a health professional before beginning a new workout routine. You may also wish to childproof the area if you have kids wandering near the equipment. Over time, as you use your home gym more often, you’ll get a sense of how to make the space work best for you.

Home gyms provide unparalleled convenience for your workouts and can help keep you fit. When you design a space that you love, you’ll have an incentive to work out more frequently and make your overall health a priority.

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