Hosting a Thanksgiving Feast for All 5 Senses

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

Warm conversations with family from afar. Exciting reunions with friends. Delicious cuisine that tastes like home. These are the experiences that make Thanksgiving such a special time of year.

When you invite guests to your home, you can have some fun creating a superb backdrop for perfect moments. Here are some tips to make your multi-dimensional get-together one that is full of lasting memories.

1. Sight

From changing leaves to changing fashions, autumn invites a fresh, rich color palette. Incorporating seasonal tones into your home décor can change the whole look of the space. Textured throw pillows, brightly colored floral arrangements, and new curtains accessorize a classically composed setting for your soiree.

TIP: Give your home’s holiday look a classy, cool lift with personalized party accessories. Novelty napkins, monogrammed menus, and crafty coasters can elevate your style at a reasonable cost.

2. Taste

When we think Thanksgiving, most of us think food, but there is more to taste than what’s on the dinner plate. Tempt your guests’ palates by setting up a self-serve drink station with a seasonal flair. Print easy-to-make recipes for two or three cocktails and put them in colorful picture frames at the station. Then stock the spot with all the fixings (and a couple bar towels just in case) and let your guests enjoy. Visit our Pinterest board for a few of our favorites!

TIP: There’s no reason to leave the kids out of the fun. Fill a pitcher with an alcohol-free mixed drink, like a pear punch or mulled cider, and serve in festive cups.

3. Sound

The right music can set the mood of any room, and it’s a must when you have guests for the holiday. A multi-room Wi-Fi-enabled sound system can allow you to deliver optimal acoustics throughout the house. You can tap into your personal playlists or link into your Pandora, Spotify, or Apple music accounts and customize your volume for each room for the enjoyment of every guest.

TIP: Take the sonic ambience beyond your stereo. A crackling fire or the tones of a grandfather clock can add charm to the occasion.

4. Touch

A thick cable knit throw. A velvet pillow. A smooth linen napkin. The textures of the season can invigorate the spirit. Take advantage of on-trend natural wood embellishments, like birch tree bark napkin rings, long sticks incorporated into the centerpiece, and pine cone place card holders to bring a fresh look and new life to the dining table.

5. Smell

They say smell is the sense most closely linked with memory recall. At Thanksgiving, the aromas of a traditional meal are doing plenty to make a memory. Still, you can treat your guests to some aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils and extend their aromatic bliss beyond the kitchen.

TIP: To add a little boost to the holiday spirit, throw cinnamon or pine cone scented log on the fire.

Final thoughts

There’s no question Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and food, and if you can share the day on the backdrop of a beautiful home, you have that much more to be thankful for. Explore our Holiday Home Guide, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. 

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