Outdoor Living Space Ideas: Backyard Lighting

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Last updated on July 13th, 2023

No matter the time of day, your backyard can always act as an outdoor oasis. Prepare the outdoor spaces of your home for relaxing and entertaining that will go beyond the seasons—and the sunset. With the right backyard lighting design, you can extend your outdoor living season all year round.


Choose Fixtures that Fit Your Aesthetic

Illumination can help to create the kind of atmosphere that really makes you enjoy your living area. In order to accomplish this, make sure that your patio and deck areas have lighting fixtures that complement the furniture and surrounding areas. Keep in mind the style of the exterior of the home, and lighting that will blend seamlessly.

Use specific fixtures that further the overall style of your home. For example, hanging lanterns can brighten your outdoor area while also adding a unique twist. Try highlighting the best features of your backyard with fixtures, like lights around the pool or recessed lighting by the bar. Pendant lights and sconces are a great way to draw the eye to specific parts of the backyard, giving specificity to your outdoor living space ideas.


Accentuate Your Home’s Features

Using landscape lights along your pathways is a great way to improve safety and security. Path lights can also make your yard appear larger, much like a mirror in the interior of the house. Position lights on alternate sides for even illumination that will guide the eye down the path. Avoid shadows around steps for the sake of safety, as well as around plants, as they could interfere with light distribution. This should be integrated in your landscape design and layout.

Accent lighting can act as a guide for entryways, creating points of interest, such as a beautiful patio set. Lighting these focal points will catch the eye of visitors and encourage them to take a closer look. Sometimes, light can be its own highlight, like a well-placed fireplace.

When designing your outdoor lighting layout, show balance and symmetry. All lighting should be consistent in all areas of the property, especially if it flows from the interior of the home to the exterior. Highlight components in different landscape areas, like columns or landscaped bushes. The amount of illumination inside and outside of the house should be symmetrical.


Save on Energy

Outdoor lighting beautifies your home and it can do so without heavily impacting your energy bill. LED technology is an energy-efficient solution that offers many benefits for indoor and outdoor living. Not only can installing LED fixtures lower your energy bill, but the longevity of LED lights also makes them a very low-maintenance addition. According to Bulbs.com, LED light bulbs can last over a decade, so you won’t have to worry about changing them out often. With color changing temperature options, you can create an illuminated outdoor living area with a lot of warmth.


With better lighting design and technology, your backyard can become an oasis that stretches far beyond sunset and summer nights. Beyond improving safety and extending the use of your backyard, it increases your living space to include all that exists past the back door.

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