5 Party Tips for Your Summer Celebrations

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

We are turning up the heat this summer with a few party tips for your next bash! From the main course to delicious desserts, our friends at Party Host Helpers guide us through hosting a cool event under the hot sun. Here are five ideas to help you save time and enjoy your guests.


Raise the bar

Options are endless with a “build-your-own” bar. During the summer months, setting up a “hot dog bar,” “slider bar,” and even a “taco bar” are great options to kick off your event. For the hot dog bar, include the typical beef franks but also consider adding grilled sausages or bratwurst to the menu. Let your guests get creative by providing traditional toppings like ketchup and onions but also non-traditional toppings like chili or sriracha. With the slider bar, try offering healthy options like veggie and turkey burgers. If you are trying out the taco bar, go beyond the tortilla shells, and let your guests customize a walking taco. All you need are mini bags of corn chips, taco meat, and your favorite fixings. Open up a bag, add your toppings, and grab a fork! This fun way to serve food is easy to clean up too.


Think outside the box

Go beyond the drink buckets and ice coolers and start looking around your house for fun ways to serve beers, sodas, and waters. Party Host Helpers recommends drawing inspiration from your own home. Fill up sand buckets, red wagons, even inflatable baby pools to keep all your drinks icy cold.  It’s unique and different, and you may already have the materials handy.


Swap florals for fruit

Fresh flowers are a great addition to any celebration, but keep in mind that floral arrangements can add up quickly. Stick to simple flowers – like daisies – for a summer bash and add extra color with fruit! Put the fruit in the bottom of a clear glass vase, add water, and then top off with flowers. Use sliced up lemons, limes, or apples, or strawberries and blueberries to reflect a favorite theme. It will look elegant for a summer party and compliment your indoor to outdoor space nicely.


Bug off

Don’t let bugs ruin your summer party! Party Host Helpers recommends having a basket full of bug spray and sunscreen for any outdoor event. There’s nothing worse than finding a critter in your cocktail, so top off all drinks with a homemade lid. Use orange or lemon slices as the lid and stick a straw through the top. Tie a few dryer sheets around the legs of tables – the smell will help keep mosquitos away.

For more great ideas on how to plan your party year round or host an intimate get-together, visit our blog. To learn more about how Party Host Helpers can assist you with your summer event, visit their website.

Renee Patrone owner of Events by Renee and Party Host Helpers contributed to this story. 

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