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Quick Delivery: A New Construction Option for the Visual Thinker

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

If you are someone who likes to see things in person and observe how pieces fit together, a quick delivery home might be the perfect new construction option for you. A quick delivery home is simply one for which planning, and often even building, has already started. They could be move-in ready with all the finishes in place, so you can just bring your things and make it your own. These homes can also be design-ready homes that have been structurally planned and started, but are still early enough in the build that buyers can choose a variety of fixtures and finishes.


Move-in ready homes…

…allow you to walk through and get a feel for the space, without having to picture where a wall might be, or how the cabinets fit into the picture. Choosing a move-in ready home rather than personalizing your Toll Brothers home from beginning to end can be advantageous for people who need to see how a home looks and feels from being on the inside. It is also helpful for the home buyer who wants new construction, but who does not have the time to select from the extensive options offered in a traditional Toll Brothers home.


Design-ready homes…

have a home site, home design, and footprint already in place, and await a home buyer to choose their finishing touches to see the home through to completion. These homes are typically at a point in the build process somewhere between groundbreaking and framing.

For the visual thinker, having a structure to work within can make a big difference in how they envision their home. Once a home can be walked through the details of the home like the shapes, sizes, and angles of the walls, doors, windows, ceilings, staircases, and the amount of space available within the home become clear. They can also observe the materials that were used to build the framework of the home, the walls, countertops, and doors. A quick delivery home can provide a satisfying home buying experience for anyone who seeks the quality of new construction while having the ability to walk through a home and get the feel for the space, and in the end have an even more satisfying living experience in the long run.

To learn more about whether a quick delivery home is the best option for you, click here!

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