4 Tips for Organizing Focal Points and Flow

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

You have just purchased a new home and now you’re ready for the interior decorating. Endless opportunities await, as you creatively mix and match all of your options – paint and fabric swatches strategically strewn about the room, catalogs of furniture selections earmarked for a later date, and a constant flow of ideas bouncing around in your head. Where should you start? How do you narrow it all down? Determining your focal point of design can have a huge impact on your home.

During our tour of the Reserve at Makefield model home in Newtown, PA, we consulted project manager and expert interior designer from HRI Design, Rachael Reskey.  She walked us through a few rooms and offered insights into how to design your space and the crucial elements that influence a room’s look.


Focal Points

Primary points of interest can range from exquisite double-tiered staircases to intricate lighting arrangements scattered throughout the area. Rachael described how elegant light fixtures and detailed paneling, combined with the grand staircase, such as at the Reserve at Makefield, could really accentuate the entranceway. To make lasting impressions in your own home, keep in mind those details that might give it that extra “wow” factor.


Elements That Create Style

Every piece in a room should have a purpose and those pieces should work together cohesively. Consider adding a conversation starter, an accent to bring out your style, or a functional element that just has to be there. A pairing of warm and cool tones in furniture and fabric can help characterize a particular room in your home. So if you are looking for that distinguished classic look, this is the perfect mixture. Watch the below video for an inside look at how we explored the possibilities of the living area.


How to Make a Space Flow

As Rachael touched on some great design features from one of the living rooms at the Reserve at Makefield, she divulged the secret for how she creates a space that flows. A first look at the overall design concept can help to decide where the natural traffic patterns are and which focal points you should emphasize in each room. But first, you need an action plan for the design concept.


Building Your Game Plan

How do you narrow down your choices? Rachael gives us the scoop on how the experts select from thousands of design options. Hint: It involves a generous amount of material.

If you have a cohesive design in place, and a strategy in tow, designing your home will be a breeze. For more design tips and information on the latest trends, follow our Toll Brothers Design Trends, Pinterest Board and stay tuned for more in our series, “Through the Designer’s Eyes.”

This story features Toll Brothers design partner, HRi Design. Their team of talented interior design professionals create beautiful spaces by layering a myriad of elements into a mosaic of features, materials, colors, decor, art, and style.

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