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Part 1: Toll Brothers Design Studio Walkthrough

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Last updated on August 22nd, 2019

Toll Brothers Design Studios are the only one-stop shopping experience that offer the latest design trends and professional design assistance to help you personalize your new luxury dream home. Each Design Studio showcases selected products in a series of kitchen and bathroom vignettes, and provides professional design consultants to personally walk you through planning each room of your home. There are several vital steps that go into this process, so we’ve made a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for designing your home – and when you’re ready, continue learning about our Design Studio experience in Part 2: Selecting Your Features.


Step One: Scheduling Your First Appointment

Once you sign an agreement of sale for your new Toll Brothers home, you will set up an appointment with the Design Studio that is designated for your region. Note that not all Toll Brothers regions have design studios, but your experience will be similar as you work through your selections with your sales representative.

Your design consultants will help guide you in designing your dream home as they share design expertise and keep the process fun and exciting. It is helpful if you come to the Design Studio with a general idea of what your budget will be; that way you know what selections are possible for you.


Step Two: Having Your First Appointment

The first appointment usually lasts around three hours. You will begin by selecting the features you would like for the interior of your home. To clarify, the design studio is only for interior designs; structural design upgrades happen at your community’s sales office with your sales representative.


The Initial Walkthrough

Your design consultant will walk you through the Design Studio and show you all of the different selections that Toll Brothers and our vendor partners offer. Each area has products that are included in your Toll Brothers home and those that are considered upgrades. Some of your options include:

Hardwood and Carpet Flooring

Tile Flooring and Backsplashes


Granite, Marble, and Quartz Countertops


Cabinet Doors with Different Woods, Finishes, and Knobs


Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures


Interior molding





Making Your “Wish List”

Next, you will get the chance to sit down with your design consultant and come up with a “wish list.” Your “wish list” will include all of the selections that you would like to consider. It is easier for buyers to eliminate from a large “wish list” rather than add to a small list of only a few options, so pick what you like and then adjust later.


Step Three: Following Up With A Second Appointment

Your second appointment will usually be held three to four weeks after your first appointment. At this appointment, you will narrow down your “wish list” to what you really want. This is when you will be able to pick and choose your favorite selections and make your final decisions. Some buyers find they need more time to make their final selections, so they schedule a third appointment as needed.


Final Thoughts

Now, you will have designed the entire interior of your home. You have chosen your favorite selections for every room, and have made your new home into your dream home. Remember, you may visit Toll Brothers Design Studios during browsing hours too. Browsing hours are set up to allow those who are seriously considering a new Toll Brothers home to come in and browse the different selections and options that are available. Selections and options vary by region. Speak with a sales representative in the community of your choice for more information.

To learn more about designing your home at one of the Toll Brothers Design Studios, please visit the Toll Brothers Design Studio website. Also, be sure to check out Designing Your Home – Part 2 for a more in-depth look into the array of available options and the process of selecting your features at a Toll Brothers Design Studio!

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