Luxury Fireplace Designs for Your Dream Home

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When looking to create the ideal ambiance in your new home, many of today’s home buyers are gravitating toward luxury fireplace designs. Home fireplaces have long been a staple of luxury design, and they have only grown in popularity in recent years. Their versatile design options, low-maintenance functionality, and overall elegance have made them a sought-after feature that instantly elevates any space in your new home.

Whether you are looking for a luxury living room fireplace to serve as a focal point or a modern bedroom fireplace to create added warmth, an array of fireplace design options are available. Explore some of our favorite Toll Brothers fireplace designs and get inspired to create the same warm atmosphere in your new dream home.


What Is the Best Room for a Fireplace?

The living room is often considered the perfect spot for a fireplace, offering a central space for relaxation and social gatherings. Modern living room fireplace designs seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

great room featuring coffered fireplace design
Teaswood Avenue by Toll Brothers in Conroe, TX


Another popular location is in the primary bedroom. A modern bedroom fireplace brings a touch of coziness, transforming your sleeping space into a haven of luxury and warmth.

Primary bedroom highlighted by innovative modern fireplace design and deck
Toll Brothers in Las Vegas, NV


Modern Fireplace Design Ideas and Benefits

There are many options for incorporating a modern fireplace design within your home. Today’s fireplaces feature crisp borders, neutral colors, and modern finishes that can act as the centerpiece of your living space or function as a complementary feature that accents other design elements of your home.

Modern indoor fireplaces offer efficient heating, easy operation, and low maintenance. Luxury design ideas for indoor fireplaces often focus on a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that blends seamlessly with contemporary interiors.

These benefits create various design opportunities within your home and make it easy to infuse a desirable feel of luxury, elegance, and an ambiance that can be enjoyed year-round.

modern great room design highlighted by luxury fireplace
Ranch Gate Estates by Toll Brothers, AZ


Modern Fireplace Hearth Design Ideas for Your Home 

Frameless fireplaces have maintained high popularity as they blend beautifully into contemporary spaces. In particular, the long, linear fireplace is a trend that has moved to the forefront of interior design.

The versatile designs of frameless fireplaces allow them to fit into any living space, and their clean and simple lines have made them a popular choice with Toll Brothers home buyers.

With the advent of thin-bodied porcelain slab materials, such as Daltile’s “Panoramic” series, it has become even easier to cover large surfaces with luxurious textures. The visuals of the materials are incredibly true to the look and feel of natural stone. However, their color and texture are more consistent, creating the ideal modern luxury fireplace.

Great room highlighted by transition to outdoor patio
Pecan Ridge by Toll Brothers in Fulshear, TX


Textured Fireplace Wall Design Ideas

At the Toll Brothers Design Studio, we’ve also seen a preference toward stone or “stone look” slabs for fireplace surrounds. This treatment infuses a more clean and modern aesthetic with the inclusion of natural materials.

Cladding a fireplace wall’s façade in a single slab of material or book-matched slabs has surged in popularity, and they are now preferred over rough and rustic materials as the cladding of choice.

Charming great room with modern fireplace and accent wall
NorthGrove – Villa Collection by Toll Brothers in Magnolia, TX


With the advent of thin-bodied porcelain slab materials, such as Daltile’s “Panoramic” series, it has become even easier to cover large surfaces with luxurious textures. The visuals of the materials are incredibly true to the look and feel of natural stone. However, their color and texture are much more consistent, creating the ideal modern luxury fireplace.

Two-story great room featuring textured fireplace wall design
Preserve at Marsh Creek by Toll Brothers in Downingtown, PA


Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for Your Backyard 

Whether a covered patio or a poolside lounge, luxury fireplace designs can create a focal point to build your outdoor living space. Include accented artwork, greenery, cozy furniture, or outdoor lighting to anchor your design and complement your fireplace’s overall aesthetic. A seating arrangement that best builds upon the relaxing nature and warmth of the fire will include blankets, floor cushions, and throw pillows to create an ideal nesting atmosphere.

Spacious patio featuring luxury fireplace design
Sterling Grove – Pasadena Collection by Toll Brothers in Surprise, AZ


You can also elevate the zen-like state of your poolside lounge with a sleek modern fireplace design, pairing the tranquility of water with the energy of fire.

Luxury outdoor fire pit floating above pool
Sterling Grove – Sonoma Collection by Toll Brothers in Surprise, AZ


To learn more about luxury fireplace designs offered in Toll Brothers homes nationwide, visit our website or check out the Design page of our Build Beautiful blog for more home inspiration.

Toll Brothers design options vary by market, community, and home design across the country. For more information regarding fireplace design options offered in a specific Toll Brothers community or home, please visit our website or reach out to one of our Online Sales Consultants.

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