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Across the nation's most dynamic urban markets, City Living condominium communities offer distinctive residences that are built with Toll Brothers commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency in mind. Below are sustainability highlights from a variety of City Living projects.

Sustainable Materials and Design

  • Broad use of engineered wood instead of more wasteful solid hardwood
  • Broad use of green and activated roofing products, which incorporate light-colored pavers to reflect sunlight, 76,905 square feet of green/activated roofing
  • More than 50% of total roof area covered in green roof at 1425 Hudson Street at Hudson Tea and 1100 Maxwell
  • Open space created for active and passive recreation at 1000 Maxwell and 1425 Hudson Street at Hudson Tea, including open lawns, play areas, boathouse, sand beach, and dog runs
  • Parklets, or sidewalk extensions that provide more space and amenities for people using the area around the building, incorporated into the street design of 1400 Hudson
  • Electric vehicle charging stations enabled at 1425 Hudson Street at Hudson Tea, with two charging stations operating currently and the capacity to increase to up to seven charging stations as requested
  • Provost II enabled to add up to nine electric car chargers as requested
  • Automated parking system at 22nd Street features 12 platforms with car chargers
  • 50% of parking spots at 888 Devon, future project in Los Angeles, will have electric car charging
  • 20% of parking spots at 4th and Bell, future project in Seattle, will have electric car charging
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Green Practices

  • Hoboken buildings floodproofed to 13', 1' greater than state code requires
  • Bioswale incorporated in front of 1400 Hudson to reduce stormwater runoff
  • Brownfield cleanup performed at Northside Piers, 205 Water, and 77 Charlton
  • Reduced or eliminated the environmental contaminants to the highest residential standards at several brownfield sites

LEED-Certified Projects

  • Pierhouse  |  106 units
  • 205 Water  |  205 units
  • 160 East 22nd  |  81 units
  • 55 West 17th  |  52 units
  • 91 Leonard  |  111 units
  • 121 East 22nd  |  140 units
  • Hampden Row  |  55 units