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Preserving & Repurposing Trees in Texas

Spotlight - Trees in Texas Spotlight - Trees in Texas

When developing new communities, Toll Brothers teams work diligently to preserve trees. When possible, we design around them, capturing elevation at the base of the tree and the drip line to maximize survival. When trees cannot be designed around, we transplant them or work to repurpose them.

Some of our Toll Brothers communities in Denton, Copper Canyon, and Flower Mound, Texas, have taken creative and innovative approaches to reusing trees. Trees in Texas have been turned into benches and other types of seating for use throughout the community. Toll Brothers teams partnered with local sawmills to cut the appropriate sizes and allow the wood components to dry onsite while community construction is completed over a period of months. In Texas, trees have also been turned into tabletops for conference room tables, which are donated. If trees are not suitable for repurposing into seating or other community components, they are chipped onsite and sent for recycling, where the chips are processed and converted to wood mulch. Toll Brothers also incorporates these recycled wood chips back into communities by using them for erosion control onsite.

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