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Reserve at West Bloomfield

Spotlight - Reserve at West Bloomfield Spotlight - Reserve at West Bloomfield

Michigan  |  94 Acres

Reserve at West Bloomfield is a Toll Brothers community situated on a total of 94 acres in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. The land parcel contained a variety of 31 forested, scrub-shrub, and herbaceous wetlands totaling just over 17 acres.

Recognizing the critical role these wetlands play in water quality, wildlife and aquatic habitats, flood storage, erosion control, nutrient uptake, and nutrient cycling, the Toll Brothers team made it a priority to incorporate as much of the existing wetlands into the site design as possible while simultaneously protecting and expanding the wetland areas overall. During development, just 1.7 acres of existing wetlands were removed while 5.6 acres of wetland mitigation were added to the property. The wetland mitigation included emergent, scrub-shrub, forested, and restoration wetlands, and was located immediately adjacent to existing wetlands to provide both habitat creation and expansion. Additional wetland protection measures also included 5.7 acres of upland seeding adjacent to wetland areas, as well as the installation of 3.6 acres of wetland-adjacent bioswales consisting of 12 inches of free-draining stone and six inches of topsoil and native seed mix.

To ensure the long-term preservation of the community's wetlands, all of the existing and mitigation wetlands, bioswales, and upland seeding areas at Reserve at West Bloomfield are protected in perpetuity through legally recorded conservation and preservation easements.