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By the Numbers—2022

At Toll Brothers, we are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment by embracing responsible land development and planning processes and building homes that more efficiently utilize resources. Some of our fiscal year 2022 highlights include:

land use and ecological impacts
IF-HB-160a.1Number of lots and homes delivered on redevelopment sites3959901,264
IF-HB-160a.2Number of lots and homes delivered in regions with High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress2,2324,7021,474
IF-HB-160a.3Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with environmental regulations$0$0$0
IF-HB-160a.4Discussion of process to integrate environmental considerations into site selection, site design, and site development, and constructionClick here
design for resource efficency
IF-HB-410a.1(1) Number of homes that obtained a certified HERS Index Score and (2) average scoreN/A(1) 2,681
(2) 60
(1) 3,422
(2) 60
IF-HB-410a.2Percent of installed water fixtures certified to WaterSense specificationsN/A80%**84%**
IF-HB-410a.3Number of homes delivered certified to a third-party multi-attribute green building standard:
LEED*355 units32 units19 units
Green Globes*434 units444 units
Green by NGBS*87 units
Florida Green Building Coalition43 units55 units
IF-HB-410a.4Description of risks and opportunities related to incorporating resource efficency into home design and description of how benefits are communicated to customersClick here
community impacts of new developments
IF-HB-410b.1Description of how proximity and access to infrastructure, services, and economic centers affect site selection and development decisionsClick here
IF-HB-410b.2Number of lots and homes delivered on infill sites1,400 lots1,374 lots1,763 lots
IF-HB-410b.3Number of homes delivered in compact developments
Multi-family rental units*1,4321,4881,075
Multi-family for-sale units*14025931
IF-HB-410b.3Average density of compact developments
Multi-family rental units/acre*1056581
Multi-family for-sale units/acre*273285256
climate change adaptation
IF-HB-420a.2Description of climate change risk exposure analysis, degree of systematic portfolio exposure, and strategies for mitigating risksClick here
energy efficiency
Number of homes delivered in calendar year that received an energy efficiency tax credit†4,6566,2828,608
Number of Energy Star Appliances delivered8,8323,02910,372
sustainable products
Number of units delivered in calendar year with solar panels selected by buyers4881,3391,617
Number of electric car charging options enabled456891913
corporate operational efficiencies
Decrease in marketing projects that generate print18%19%18%
Reduction in transit miles for production/shipping of printed marketing materials
Orders diverted to local vendors309260252
Reduction of transit miles per order2,0002,0002,000
Paper recycled company-wide145.9 tons98.2 tons137.9 tons
*Current tracking includes only those homes built in high-density communities (primarily Apartment Living and City Living units).
**Estimation based on fixture offerings for 2021. For 2022, data is for CY 2022 and includes an updated method of estimation.
†Estimation based on scheduled certifications
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By the Numbers—FY 2022

Small steps, big impact—our collective efforts add up to meaningful results. Some of our FY 2022 highlights include:

board diversity
Racial/Ethnic minority20%†30%†30%†
employee diversity
Women – Employee40.3%41.0%40.3%
Women – Manager+30.0%30.2%31.5%
Racial/Ethnic minority – Employee21.0%22.5%24.4%
Racial/Ethnic minority – Manager+12.5%13.4%15.7%
Health & Safety
IF-HB-320a.1Total recordable injury rate (TRIR, employees)*2.462.552.28
IF-HB-320a.1Fatality rate (employees)0%0%0%
employee engagement
% that said Toll Brothers is a great place to work86%87%87%
*TRIR = Total Number of Recordable Cases x 200,000 divided by total hours worked by all employees during the year covered
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IF-HB-000.aNumber of controlled lots63,18280,86776,049
IF-HB-000.bNumber of homes delivered8,4969,98610,515
IF-HB-000.cNumber of active selling communities (FYE)317340348
Average delivered home price$816,500$844,400$923,600
Average price in backlog (FYE)$818,200$992,100$1,095,800
Home sales revenues$6.9B$8.4B$9.7B
Net signed contract value$8.0B$11.5B$9.1B
Number of homes under contract9,93212,4728,255
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