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17 Extraordinarily Themed Bedrooms

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Last updated on October 7th, 2019

Having a themed room can be a thrill for dreamers of all ages, transforming bedtime from a routine experience into an imaginative escape. When it comes to selecting a theme for your child, be inspired by what inspires them, whether it’s superhero adventure, comic book action, sci-fi excitement, or fantasy that’s out of this world. Explore 17 of our favorite themed bedrooms below and let us know in the comments which design would awaken your child’s imagination. 


1. Steampunking into the night 


2. Stargazing to infinity and beyond 


3. Departing for a royal engagement


4. Embarking on a thrilling adventure


5. Dreaming of exploring the final frontier 


6. Submerging 1,000 leagues under the sea


7. Letting your imagination take you places


8. Theorizing to the moon and back 


9. Bowing dramatically in the final curtain call


10. Living in timeless sophistication 


11. Minding your business


12. Flying high as an undercover superhero


13. Popping your colors in the name of art


14. Marveling at strength, teamwork, and victory


15. Strategizing your next move


16. Building successes one step at a time


17. Escaping to a mountain retreat 

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