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19 NYC Views from Some of the City’s Most Stunning Homes

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Few places in the world provide urban views as iconic and awe-inspiring as New York City. This is one of the reasons we love building in the Big Apple. Whether you’re in Manhattan or the surrounding areas, the city skyline, filled with towering buildings, is sure to leave you with a feeling of amazement. These are views hard to get used to, even for those who start and end their days by looking out at the city before them.

Step into some of the city’s best apartments for a unique perspective of the New York City skyline. And let us know in the comments section which cityscape you would enjoy most.


1. When every seat is the best in the house


2. A cozy room with an expansive view


3. Cityscape as far as the eye can see


4. A refreshing outlook


5. Your morning routine with a view


6. Brooklyn’s best views


7. A stunning view straight out of a movie


8. Cook with a view


9. Open-air relaxation with an iconic backdrop


10. The city that never sleeps


11. Good mornings guaranteed


12. A city in a frame


13. Great conversation and a gorgeous view


14. A sun-soaked sight


15. Perched above Park Avenue


16. Exquisite uptown views


17. Your very own view of the Empire State Building


18. The Brooklyn Bridge in your backyard


19. A fabulous floor-to-ceiling view

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  1. Avatar
    Tommy Yates

    These are iconic views that have changed over the yrs. outstanding portfolio for anyone in the business. Again very impressive Tolls very nice. Thanks for the shots.

    • Avatar
      Sam M

      Thank you, Tommy!

  2. Avatar
    Bernice Foster

    Looking for locations in downtown Brooklyn

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