Feng Shui Bedroom: Great Sleep by Design

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

No matter how much we get, sleep always seems to be one thing we’d like just a little more of. One way of enhancing your sleep routine is with Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art that seeks to find harmony between elements. The principles of this practice can be especially important in the bedroom, where stress can prevent us from resting. By following some simple Feng Shui tips, you can improve the quality of your sleep by creating a Feng Shui bedroom that supports your innate need for balance and tranquility. 


Feng Shui Your Bed

An excellent place to to start to create a harmonious Feng Shui bedroom is with your bed, which should be at least a full or queen in size. Your Feng Shui headboard should be made of solid wood or padded upholstery and paired with a quality mattress and sheets made from natural materials. Your bed should be positioned within viewing distance of the door, but not directly in front of it, and never under a window. To maintain balance, make sure you have equal space on both sides of your bed as well as open, uncluttered space under your bed.


Color Matters

It has been proven that color affects our mood. Feng Shui takes this to a whole new level by using the power of color to shape the energy of a space. When the goal is to create a peaceful, harmonizing environment, bright colors can be too stimulating. The most recommended colors for a Feng Shui bedroom are skin-color hues. At first, this may sound limiting, but the range from light porcelain to dark brown provides nuxmerous options. Like a warm embrace, these colors create a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Let There Be Light

While light is a necessity in every room, lighting a Feng Shui bedroom requires special consideration. To keep this area of your home calm and soothing, you should avoid bright lights. A dimmer used with an incandescent or warm-glow LED bulbs makes it easy to transition from day to night. Lamp shades made from paper or fabric also help add softness. Aside from overhead and tableside lights, candles are a Feng Shui favorite, since fire is viewed as a purifying energy. A bedroom with a fireplace is a plus as long as it is used regularly and kept clean. Windows are also important because natural light has healing qualities. However, bedroom windows should be covered at night, so your room can be as dark as possible.


Keep the Peace

While some items are great Feng Shui for the rest of the house, you may want to avoid them in the bedroom. For example, plants or mirrors are off limits because of the way they push and bounce energy around the room. Also, consider leaving electronics outside the bedroom as the blue light emitted from electronics can increase the energy and sleep disruption. It’s an excellent reason to unplug and maintain peace and tranquility of your space. 


Freeing your bedroom of clutter and filling it with peaceful Feng Shui energy helps relieve everyday stress. This allows you to get the restorative sleep your body needs for a more successful and productive life.

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