5 Ideas for Transforming Your Spare Bedroom

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022

As children leave the nest to go off to college or move away, their bedrooms often sit unused. Typically, the first thought is to convert this space into a guest room, but why not transform it into a room you can really enjoy? We’ve got some ideas to help you make the most of your spare bedroom.


A Room-Size Closet

If closet space is tight, consider turning a whole room into a fashion haven. Whether you find a local designer or explore prefabricated options, personalizing this space can change the way you start your day. Creative displays and organized shelving not only make your clothing and accessories easier to find but also create an aesthetic even Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big would envy. Jewelry trays, belt hooks, tie hangers, and shoe racks are just a few additions that help create the vibe of the room, while adding textures, colors, and materials really set the tone. Complement the whole space by adding track lighting along the shelves or a show-stopping, center fixture. Finish the space with a large mirror, makeup table or dressing station, and closet center island to fully transform this room into the walk-in closet of your dreams.


Hobby Room

Rediscover old passions or breathe new life into favorite hobbies with a room dedicated to the things you enjoy doing most. Whether it’s crafting, sewing, music, reading, yoga, or painting, the possibilities go as far as your imagination does. This should be a place that inspires your creativity and makes you happy. Decorating and organizing this space to complement your hobby can inspire and encourage you to spend time doing the things that bring you joy. Pinterest is full of hobby room ideas that are sure to make your pastime your favorite time.


Home Theater

Tom Cruise jumping from building to building, Gal Gadot saving the world as we know it, Julia Roberts making us both laugh and cry in the same scene, and Tyler Perry disguising himself as no less than five characters per film. All of these people have one thing in common: we love to watch their movies over and over again. There’s no better place to binge-watch your favorite flicks than in your own home theater. Home theaters are easily created by mounting your surround-sound speakers, hanging your movie projector from the ceiling, and hiding all extra A/V equipment in an entertainment center. Instead of a screen, paint one wall in high-definition, projector screen paint and the rest of the room in a dark, rich color, like navy blue. Add some oversized, comfy furniture and a popcorn machine to enhance the viewing experience.


Media Room

If you’re looking to create a more flexible space in the house, a media room provides a place to watch big sporting events, play games, or entertain friends. Start by picking a theme, like sports, gaming, or cars. Whatever the theme, this is an opportunity to highlight your alma mater or favorite professional team, display memorabilia, and showcase your personality.  A large-screen TV, or multiple TVs for that matter, allow for multiple games to be screened simultaneously, and a bar complete with a mini-fridge makes this a true entertaining space. Comfortable furniture is an absolute must for any media space. If you have enough room, gaming tables and vintage arcade games make fun additions, too.


Home Office

Many homeowners dream of having a designated area where they can run a small business, pay bills, or work from home while they truly separate work from home. A spare bedroom has some key benefits that are perfect for a home office. Doors provide privacy, windows give natural light, and existing closets can hold extra supplies. Start by measuring your space and noting where electrical outlets are located so you can determine the best place to put your desk, file cabinet, and work table. Invest in good lighting and a chair with lumbar support to ensure your office is as comfortable as it is functional. Then, finish it off with a few plants and decorations to make the space feel more alive.

These just a few ideas for your spare bedroom, but start by thinking through the activities that you enjoy the most or a business or hobby you’ve always wanted to start. What was once an empty room can be the perfect place to bring your dreams to life.

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