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Study room featuring large work area, decorative shelving, and ample natural lighting.
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5 Unexpected and Perfect Study Spaces for Kids

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

One of the best ways to help your child perform well in school and develop good study habits is by designating a specific area for homework. Some kids study better with music playing, while others prefer complete quiet. Though children learn in many different ways, there is a common need for a dedicated study space with an age-appropriate desk, adequate lighting, bookcases or shelving, plugs for electronics, appropriate supplies, and a comfortable chair. This doesn’t mean you need a lot of space, but it does require a little creativity to make the ideal study spaces for kids. 


Kitchen Nook

After-school home life often revolves around the kitchen, making it difficult for kids to ignore the potentially distracting center island, bar, or breakfast table, and focus on homework. Try turning a nearby nook, corner, or alcove into a workstation by adding a computer desk and shelving. Another idea is to remove a bottom cabinet and build a drop-down counter with shelves overhead to keep essentials handy and organized.

Kitchen nook featuring comfortable seating, coffee table, and ample lighting.
Toll Brothers at Vistamar, Monterey model home located in Henderson, NV


 Hallway or Open Landing

For a smart use of limited space, consider creating a study area in an empty hallway or open landing.  A long, narrow countertop, supported by stylish filing cabinets, works well in a hallway, whereas a space-saving desk may better suit a landing. Attractive bins or wire baskets help to keep things organized and within reach while still promoting a modern home look. 

Hallway study nook with ample desk space and shelving.
Legacy at Seville, Fiora model home located in Gilbert, AZ



One of the most creative places for a homework area is a closet. Its inset structure makes it a great place to personalize with a fun paint color or patterned wallpaper. If you decide to keep the doors on, you could install painted peg boards or corkboard on the insides to hang or post items, bringing a fashionable flair to this study room. Fill the closet space with open shelving, a desk, and a comfortable chair, and make sure the area is well-lit by adding an overhead light or table lamp. 

Spacious kids closet.
Ridgeview at Novi, Brandeis model home located in Novi, MI


Open Staircase

If you have a staircase that is open underneath, you have the makings of a perfect workstation. Since this area is typically awkward in shape, you will likely need to have the desk and cabinets custom built to fit the space. Although it may take a little ingenuity, you’ll find this area to be a clever, functional place for your child to study.

Circular, two-toned staircase featuring nook underneath.
Serena at Gale Ranch, Arcadia model home located in San Ramon, CA


Spare Room

A loft, an extra guest room, or even a rarely used dining room can make a spacious, trendy, and kid-friendly study area. You can section off individualized workstations along a wall or have your kids study around a large desk with separate cabinets underneath for storage. Either way, you should have plenty of room left over for a library, reading nook, craft/hobby station, piano, or even musical instruments. 

Kids study featuring large desk, copious bookshelves, and TV
Toll Brothers at Inspirada, Trapani model home located in San Ramon, CA


Once you determine the location of your child’s study space, get their input when it comes to decorating. By creating an area that feels personal and comfortable, they will be more likely to enjoy spending time there. If you have a teen, they can use an interactive tool like Design Your Own Study Space from PBteen that helps them envision their space with different furniture, lighting, and accessories. For more study spaces for kids, visit the Children’s Room board on Toll Brother’s Pinterest page.

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