14 Benefits of Adding a Sliding Glass Wall in Your Home

Last updated on December 10th, 2020

Natural lighting in your home makes for a luxurious experience and helps create a seamless feel between the interior and exterior. The best way to enjoy indoor-to-outdoor living is through a sliding glass wall that makes the space appear larger, brighter, and more welcoming. Western Window Systems describes the benefits of this architectural innovation and why you’ll never want to go without a sliding glass wall in your home.



1. Better Living

Multi-slide doors are an architectural element that can change space beautifully and efficiently for years to come.

Great room featuring 90 degree sliding glass wall
San Diego, CA


2. Expansive Elegance

A sliding glass wall pours natural light into rooms and works with vaulted ceilings to create a feeling of a bigger, brighter space. A 90-degree multi-slide door option completely opens the sides of a room to outdoor patios by eliminating a connecting post, thereby expanding space and allowing fresh air to course throughout the home.

Two-story windows in great room
Irvine, CA


3. Illuminated Unity

Multiple sliding glass doors can unify a cozy courtyard with the main living spaces, filling the open floor plan with natural light.

Open-concept interior design
Danville, CA


4. Seeing Inside-Out

Multi-panel stacking doors blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, creating one seamless space that flows from interior comfort to natural beauty.

Interior to outdoor area with seamless transition
San Ramon, CA



5. Totally Open

A 90-degree multi-slide door is one of the best ways to greatly increase the living space of a home. 

modern great room with 90 degree sliding glass wall
Lake Forest, CA


6. One Great Space

Cooking, dining, watching TV, and lounging poolside can all happen in one great space when multi-slide doors open to eliminate barriers. It’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing with family and friends. 

Expansive interior design highlighted by long sliding glass wall
El Dorado Hills, CA


7. Luxury Touch

A high-quality, long-lasting multi-slide door combines exceptional performance with clean design, making it a preferred product for luxury homes. Large rolling glass panels operate effortlessly for a luxurious experience.

Contemporary interior highlighted by outdoor transition
Porter Ranch, CA



8. Smooth Operation

Easy-to-operate multi-slide doors feature insulating foam in the rails and stiles and a thermally broken sill to help lower energy bills year-round. 

Spacious open-concept interior featuring sliding glass wall
San Diego, CA


9. Energy Savers

Moving walls of glass open entire facades to the outdoors while also providing energy efficiency through low-E, argon-filled dual pane glass that minimizes heat transfer.

Outdoor space with easy transition into interior living rooms
Porter Ranch, CA



10. Picturesque Panoramas

A multi-slide door works with design and décor to create a feeling of endless open space and modern luxury. Multiple large openings with sliding glass doors can create various indoor-outdoor areas with their own picturesque views. 

Great room with amazing view of outdoor surroundings
Irvine, CA


11. Resort Home Living

Attractive retractable doors add to the resort-style feel of high-end homes by opening the great room and dining areas to the pool and patio. Wide glass panels maximize views. Bucolic backyard scenes are on full display with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. 

modern dining space and living room
Yorba Linda, CA


12. Free Flow

Large openings with massive sliding glass doors allow for better traffic flow and make an area feel like one large space instead of adjacent rooms. 

Spectacular interior with spacious sliding glass wall
Irvine, CA



13. Frame Nature

A floor-to-ceiling design creates a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside while framing amazing views of the landscape in an eye-catching array of glass panels.

Amazing two-story great room with ample windows
Yorba Linda, CA


14. Contemporary Aesthetic

Aesthetics of water, fire, earth, and fresh air come together around a multi-slide door that opens fully to bring the outdoors inside.

modern interior space featuring sliding glass wall
Irvine, CA

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Western Window Systems designs and manufactures moving glass walls and windows that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together. From superior craftsmanship and timeless design to exceptional customer service, Western Window Systems is a preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners throughout North America. For additional information, visit westernwindowsystems.com.


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