5 Bathroom Vanity Ideas for a Spa-Worthy Experience

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Last updated on May 24th, 2023

For many people today, the primary bathroom has become a favorite spot to unwind. With its increasing number of spa-like amenities and hi-tech features, the primary bath is rivaling the kitchen as the top room in the home. One of the most important features of a primary bath is the vanity. By optimizing this area with stylish fixtures, double sinks, a makeup station and lots of storage, you can turn your morning and evening routines into a luxurious experience. 


The Artful Spectrum of Vanity Styles

There is a seemingly unlimited range of vanity styles on the market, from traditional, modern, and rustic to antique and vintage. A good place to start is with the cabinets, which create a solid foundation for the rest of the look.  Countertops in popular granite or more contemporary marble, along with fashionable fixtures, work together to create a beautiful, functional space that reflects your personal style.


Stylish Fixtures

The right faucets and lighting can go a long way in elevating the look of your vanity. Today’s faucets are smarter, sleeker, and more spa-worthy as ever. Upscale lighting options go beyond bath bars to include sconces and pendants in all types of finishes and designs. 

The Multifunctional Essential for Any Home. 

Vanities are going far beyond typical functions to incorporate makeup stations and expanded storage areas.


But First, Makeup

Incorporating a makeup station in your vanity makes it easy to keep your self-care routine organized and within reach. The area between two sinks is an ideal location. Under-counter drawers and surrounding cabinetry can be outfitted with organizers for makeup, hairstyling tools, shampoo, soaps and other essentials.  An LED wall-mounted or free-standing cosmetic mirror can additionally help add the extra lighting needed for this space. 

A clear storage area equals a clear head

Customized cabinetry gives you the opportunity to expand your vanity storage space and provides a lush flair to your organization routine.  The space above the countertop can also be utilized by running cabinetry or open shelving up a wall. Decorative baskets and stackable bins keep items stylishly organized. 

Fashionable Taste Beyond the Bathroom

Vanities don’t need to be limited to the bathroom. You can optimize space by setting up a makeup vanity in your bedroom or walk-in closet. In these spaces, the vanity table, chair, and accessories can tastefully complement the décor of the room. A trendy take on lighting can be added with table lamps or by hanging sconces or pendant lighting on either side of a mirror. 

When it comes time to sell, the primary bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Manufacturers are responding to the popularity of this room with smart, stylish amenities that turn the bathroom into a pleasurable get-away. You can find more ideas for creating the ultimate vanity on Toll Brothers’ Pinterest page. 

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