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Luxury bathroom with outdoor shower
Dream Spaces

25 Obsession-Worthy Bathrooms

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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Find tranquility in a bathroom built to pamper you. Relax into an expansive freestanding tub or step into a dual waterfall shower for the ultimate luxury experience. Imagine the intricate tile, natural stone vanities, and curated lighting of your dreams, then let us show you the ways to bring those dreams to life.

We’re obsessed with these incredible bathrooms and here’s why…


1. …the floating cabinets.


2. …the spa-like atmosphere. 


3. …the shower experience.


4. …the shiplap.


5. …the zen design.


6. …bringing the outdoors in.


7. …the dual shower.


8. …the industrial design.


9. …the relaxation possibilities.


10. …the modern farmhouse design


11. …the sculptural elements.


12. …the clawfoot tub.


13. …the black and white combination.


14. …the frameless shower.


15. …the carrera marble.


16. …the deux shower.


17. …the wading pool sink.


18. …the mosaic tile.


19. …the shower room.


20. …the urban design.


21. …the romantic bath.


22. …the path to luxury.


23. …the open shelves.


24. …the lighting.


25. …the clean lines.


Visit and see why you should always come home to your obsession.

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    Ami Samuel Interiors

    We loved working on Canyon Oaks! Everything about it came out beautifully!

  3. Avatar
    Dr. Giraud H. Hope

    Always liked Toll Brother’s design’s. No one else in North Carolina builds basements. My custom home will be done by Toll Brother’s.

    • Avatar
      Peter P

      Hi Dr. Hope, we really appreciate your kind words and can’t wait to build your dream home!

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