Dining Room Design Ideas to Keep You on Trend

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2021

The use of today’s dining room is changing as the popularity of more spontaneous and casual entertaining takes hold. The stiff-backed chairs and perfectly matched furniture we remember as children are being replaced with a mix of comfortable and stylish décor that embraces unexpected lighting, materials, textures, and colors.

Explore 6 innovative dining room design ideas below, and learn how to transform you space into a fresh, vibrant room perfect for entertaining.


Breaking Traditions

The latest décor trend breaks from the use of a singular interior design, like traditional or modern, and mixes styles together. The saying “opposites attract” is definitely fitting in this case and can be applied to create interesting and elegant settings. Try combining rustic with modern or industrial with glam to update your dining room. And don’t be afraid to get creative, like adding a brick accent wall to create a distressed, casual look that contrasts beautifully with the modern lighting and mix of stately and contemporary chairs. 


Vibrant Lighting

A dining room no longer needs to be defined by a crystal chandelier. In fact, the sky is the limit when it comes to lighting fixturesPendant lights are a great addition as well as statement making pieces in unconventional shapes and artistic designs. Whatever stand-out choice you make, a dimmer switch is a must. This addition is an easy and impactful way to change the look of your room. If you’re a true energy seeker, be sure to select a model that is rated for use with compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and LED bulbs.


Mixed Chairs

One of the hottest dining room design ideas today is mix-and-match chairs. The word “match” is important to note because the chairs need to coordinate even if they are different. An easy way to accomplish this effect is by changing the end chairs. Making them an accent color immediately freshens the whole décor of the room. If you keep all the chairs the same color, you can play with different shapes to create an interesting look. Replacing chairs with a bench, either on one side or both, is another way to spice up your decor without going overboard. 


Statement Walls

Walls can play an exciting role in the décor of your dining room. You can paint a single wall a stunning color or accent it with wood, brick or stone cladding. Oversized wall art can also be used to make a bold statement above a sideboard or fireplace. If you want a more creative look, like the dramatic mirrored wall in this exquisite dining room, explore some great unique millwork, wall covering, and paneling ideas.


Patterned Area Rugs

A fashionable rug can take the lead in your dining room design ideas or play a supportive role. If you already have a star accent piece, an area rug can be used to tie the look together. In a more neutral setting, you can take full advantage of a rug to transform your space. From artistic to minimalistic, the vast variety of choices make rugs a great way to infuse your room with color, pattern, and texture. To ensure you select the proper size for your table, add 18” – 24” around the perimeter, so your chair stays on the rug when pulled out.


Ceiling Accents

There are many exciting ways to make your ceiling an integral part of your home décor. It is the perfect canvas for making an impression with paint, metallic accents, trusses, and beams. In the room below, wood paneling has been installed in the recessed portion of the ceiling with perimeter lighting added to further accentuate the look. 


Today’s dining rooms have transformed into everyday spaces that are used for impromptu gatherings, family meals, and even homework, while still providing an elegant space for special occasions. By creating a comfortable environment that embraces a mix of sophisticated and casual elements, your dining room is sure to be an essential part of your family’s daily life. For more dining room design ideas visit Toll Brothers Dining Rooms board on Pinterest.

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