4 Key Design Elements of the Tailored Luxury Aesthetic

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Last updated on January 22nd, 2024

The “quiet luxury” fashion movement emphasizes an understated approach to luxury. Tailored luxury, an interior design aesthetic with a similar approach, combines high-contrast statement finishes with curated furniture to create a luxurious environment. In tailored luxury design, traditional design styles, including classical elements, are often incorporated and integrated with the new.  

Explore key design elements of tailored luxury design from Toll Brothers model homes across the country, and let us know in the comments how you would incorporate this trending aesthetic into your new home.


Incorporating Luxury Materials

Luxury materials that are timeless in nature, such as quartzite and natural woods, are staples of tailored luxury design due to their unique and enduring properties. Consider wood-beamed or coffered ceilings that are visually appealing and emphasize your home’s higher ceiling height. Or invest in furnishings comprised of fabrics such as boucle, velvet, and linen to enhance the luxury aesthetic and elevate any space. Quality materials often uphold their natural beauty and design appeal, seamlessly evolving with new trends as they emerge.

Toll Brothers at SayeBrook in Myrtle Beach, SC


Furniture Ornamentation  

Tailored luxury is an understated style, focusing on the quality and craftsmanship of interior architecture with a curated selection of furniture offering an authentic yet subdued approach to luxury.  

Furniture selections for tailored luxury design often include muted and elegant choices such as curved sectionals and refinished cabinetry. Ornate molding and columns may be integrated into these modern homes but with minimal and highly artistic furniture and art choices. 

Cresta Bella by Toll Brothers in San Antonio, TX


Selective Décor Accents 

Emphasize understated luxury with elegant décor and light fixtures. A tailored luxury approach to design is authentic, including an ideal balance of vintage décor, original artwork, unique textiles, and sustainable materials. Staples of this style often include classic lighting with a Victorian influence and modest window treatments. Minimal décor accents are the key to styling a subdued yet stylish home. Consider investing in fewer, meaningful décor accents to reduce clutter and embrace a more minimalist lifestyle.

Toll Brothers at SayeBrook in Myrtle Beach, SC


Rich Contrasting Color Hues 

A key element to tailored luxury design is the use of color hues that evoke an emotional response, including pastels, limited prints, and subtle patterns. Monochromatic green color palettes blend seamlessly with sustainable and natural décor, enhancing the aesthetic of outdoor influence. Color palettes rooted in earth-tone beiges and whites are essential for maintaining a softer design aesthetic that promotes wellness. Accent walls of wood paneling, textured wallpaper, and wainscoting are all options for adding a bolder yet subtle touch of luxury to any space. 

Toll Brothers at Lakeview Estates in Lehi, UT 


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